Burned by a YouTube video?
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From: YZF-88
Piggy backing on the photo ID thread regarding GPS coordinated inadvertently being sent with pictures.

Has anyone had a great hunting spot absolutely burned because of YouTube/Instagram hero shots showing scenery? I almost threw my computer against the wall when I surfed YouTube last week. Found a cool looking Utah archery video. I started recognizing the velvet bucks...then the other buck...then all the bucks!. So these guys were hunting the exact same area and same buck I have been the past few years. No big deal. It's public land and they're getting after it.

Quality of the video was great. I have great footage of all the bucks as well and was in bow range of many of them throughout the season. However, the kick to the wedding tackle was the scenery pics!!!!! They panned out showing the entire canyon CLEARLY showing everyone in the Utah valley EXACTLY where to find them! I've been after one of those particular bucks for 3 years now. Almost got him opening morning this year. Way more hunting pressure than ever before prevented it from coming together. Unfortunately, next year I have a feeling it's going to be way more of a zoo with other hunters cashing in on this YouTube gift.

Good grief, this year we even had a guys hike up and put his camp right in the middle of where they all travel the night before the opener!!!! I have video of my target buck calmly watching him set-up camp...then hauling ass up and over the mountain (where I almost ambushed him opening morning).

Just curious if this has had a similar experience. More so, I just felt like venting this afternoon.

From: thedude
Had an overlooked road accessible non atv area. Hunted 10 days in 2016 never seen a soul. Area produced 2 bull moose a 6ft 8 black bear and a 7ft griz in 2.5 years. A guy published a video of the area with his drone from an atv and talked about how awesome it was even though atv access is illegal. There used to be signs stating that atvs were illegal but those have been torn down. I hunted it one weekend this fall and seen a ton of rigs and the animal sign just wasn’t there anymore. I talked to the land managers and they don’t care so I bailed on the area.

I found an exact drainage that is atv or foot accessible based on aggregate info from forums and YouTube videos. The guys video specific things that don’t give it away but a forum discussion mentions one of the things in the video I watched and even names the exact creek within a larger drainage. Now if I draw the tag I know where to start my sheep scouting.

I won’t post panaramic shots on any social media. I won’t even park my truck in view of the road and if I’m using one of my foot paths to get above the tree line I bush wack a few hundred yards so people driving by won’t see where I am going.

I have seen guys post YouTube videos and even point at named places on a map that’s clearly seen in the video. People need to run silent.

From: drycreek
The quest for fame and/or recognition. Errrybody wants to be a star !

Please include a link to the video so we can see what not to do ;)

From: powder
Learn where the pressure is moving the game and use it to your advantage. If the pressure is causing game to relocate, relocate with them.

From: AndyJ
Not a specific spot but a unit. The Born and Raised guys hunt my area and they have done a poor job of keeping the area secret. Ever since their videos have been out the unit has gotten crazy busy. I talk to every hunter that will talk to me. At least 50% of the “new guys” say they’re there because it’s where the BAR guys hunt-very frustrating.

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Well, I won’t share the video link...but I’ll share a pic of a buck I got because all the pressure kicked them into an adjacent nasty canyon where I ambushed them. I really like spot’n stalk hunting but it’s just not possible anymore with this kind of pressure. Need to focus on finding new areas.

The most frustrating for me is someone that comes bumbling in and sets his tent up right in the living room of the animals your hunting.

From: APauls
No, but my truck being parked on the road has led to a rediculous number of people hunting some of the same stuff. Seems like I need to find new spots every 5 years or so.

From: Cornpone
When will you "social media" idiots learn that social media ain't social! This site or any other. Too many guys can't wait to get there hero shots and such onto YouTube and such that it's sickening. You end up getting what you deserve. I honestly believe that, in this day and age, if a guy couldn't brag about his "kills" with pics and such he wouldn't even bother to hunt. Test my theory...the next time you kill a good animal don't tell anyone but your wife and immediate family...the average guy can't do it!! Brag factor.

From: smarba
Good point Cornpone!

Cornpone hit it on the head.everyone wants attention and praise like it’s the most important thing now a days. If these new fad hunters put that much time into becoming efficient hunters instead of worrying about how many people like their “pics” they’d actually be worth a dam.

From: rallison
My dad always said never ask a fisherman where he catches fish, or a hunter where he kills his deer.

Get off your @$$ and find out for yourself!

And...keep your mouth shut...lol. He was a wise man :-)

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