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Meat prep question
Whitetail Deer
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From: Bowfreak
I have a question for you guys that cut up your own game. How do you handle trim pieces or say neck roasts after they have aged to the point that of getting a dried out rind on them? Do you trim these pieces or not?

I always have but I'm curious if you could just leave it on if you were planning to braise a roast or grind your trim meat?

From: Bou'bound

From: cnelk
Yep. Trim it.

That’s why many complain when they get their meat back from a processor. Thinking there should be more.

All that trimming really adds up in weight loss.

From: BigOk
Trim it.

From: dirtclod Az.
I always trim.

From: Sam Dunham
Thin-bladed fillet knife and trim off the hardened areas. Jack Russells have to eat too,,

From: Hunting5555
Yep. Trim it with a fillet knife. I will say, if it is getting ground up, we don't get OCD about it. Just get the majority of it.

From: APauls
I trim it, but that's also why I hang deer with the fur on and only take it off when I am ready to cut. The only dried meat you have is on the hams. It's on straight slice per side. All other meat is not dried. Hanging deer after skinning is just asking for more meat loss.

From: TrapperKayak
APauls x 2. If cold enough, put some freezer paper or plastic over the exposed meat to minimize the dried out parts. Only if below 40F though. The dog gets the trimmings. He gets the between-the-rib dried out stuff too. He's a happy boy.

Been butchering my own deer and an occasional elk and antelope for years and nothing I or my friends have tried ESPECIALLY for trimming off inedible parts and even general meat cutting has served us as good let alone better than a good old 6" Rapala Fillet knife.

From: olebuck
i put my primal cuts in a cooler with a fan running.

i put them in meat or game bags and it helps from drying the outside to much.

i leave the crust on when freezing it vacuum packs better and it keeps it from getting freezer burnt. i trim it before cooking.

From: pointingdogs
I don't do neck roasts... I just run them through the grinder for burger (even when dried on the outside as you have stated). I must be different.

I don't trim it. That stuff all goes to burger/sausage and it mixes right in just fine. I put all neck and shoulder meat to burger and sausage.

From: Bowfreak
Speaking of neck roasts....I am really loving them as much as any cut now. I shot a buck last week and he was a bigger bodied deer. I got 14 lbs of roast off his neck alone. For cuts like this, I decided to cut and vacuum sealed immediately. I am going to slow cook it until it falls off the bone so I don't feel there is any need to let it age in my opinion.

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