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How Close Is Too Close-You're in My Spot
Whitetail Deer
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From: Tonybear61
Hunter Conflicts on Public Land. Pretty sure most folks on this site run into it from time to time.

So your have scouted maybe hunted a place of public land for years, let's say 20. You spent a lot of time and effort, hand written notes, marks on topo maps, updated co-ordinates on GPS, even taken deer occasionally. Seen some quality bucks too. Now its time to share the info with your kid, friend, etc. Let's say just for the effect the place is really hard to get too, surrounded by swamp, need waders, canoe or walk a long, long way in (or both). Its a key spot you like in the middle of thousands of acres. So plan for weeks before the rut to go to the spot you have waited for the wind to be right, rut is kicking in, etc. Before daybreak do what you need to do to get there, GPS is locked close to it seeing all the land marks, wondering what exact tree you want to be in. Well hello, someone else is in the tree(s) you have on the GPS, hand written notes, old topo maps, etc. What the?? Been hunting for 20 years, never seen anyone else back in here.

OK I'll move a way to spot B, you have also on the GPS maybe only 0.15 mi or so from the key spot. Hunt with your kid, buddy, whatever. After a days hunt you head out to your point of origin(e.g. car or campsite) get accousted by someone complaining you set-up too close to "their spot". It comes with Fnheimers , creative metaphors in the conversation and you respond in kind (sorry kid I didn't mean to say that). Again hunted for years and years don't recall seeing YOU before.., I have GPS, I know where I am and didn't learn the spot from you, nor am I shirt-tailing... Maybe that's the end of it for now.

Do you: A- abandon the spot, this person may certainly be back again-public land nothing saying they can't use it. Start the search all over again. B-just chalk in up as bad luck you both are in the same place ,same time-so just try again later or C-look to cooperatively form an alliance to hunt that "key" spot?? D- I'll hunt anywhere I want, at any time on public land, Please and Thank You.

If you are going to hunt cooperatively what would be a reasonable distance?? 100-200 yds, 300 yds, absolutely out of site??. You only get to hunt every other weekend, OK??

What the consensus from the bowhunting crowd??

From: dirtclod Az.
move to plan"B" comeback in the evening/next morning.Most hunters don't have the attention span long enough to stick it out all day.

From: Sam Dunham
IMHO they need to be 1/4 mile or further and if was having to compete that much with other hunters I would likely believe it was also affecting the deer in the area too.

If ive been hunting it for years, im hunting it, i think. Maybe this year i concede but nect year i get in a little earlier. If i have to adjust my location, i think 400-500 yards is plenty far enough away. Props to this dude for finding the honey hole thru his own scouting, but you’ve got as much right as he. Just me....

From: Woods Walker
What you described is EXACTLY why I don't hunt public land. Hunting is supposed to be fun. Dealing, or even THINKING about how to deal with stuff like this is NOT!

From: Tonybear61
400-500 yds, 1/4 mile-a lot of these key spots are just not that big. That said I have hunted plenty of key spots with a partner and been successful. It doesn't have to be a bust if folks cooperate. But then again there are folks who just don't want to or stumble upon it by blind luck and don't care to watch the wind, approach direction, scent control, etc..

From: SixLomaz
Use him / her to help drag, scare the game your way, have a drink, make a friend. After 20 years it is time to share, don't you think? This could be your lucky day finding someone who understands you. Good luck.

Remember: We all are born naked and we all die naked. Nothing of this Earth you will take across.

From: EMB
Move to your alternative site(s). Often other hunters simply push game your way for a variety of reasons. 400-500 yds is another county. Make a friend so you don't mess each other's hunt up. On public land he's as much right to be there as you regardless of how long you've been hunting it.

Several years ago I went to a favorite spot that I'd hunted for years with no interference. Lo and behold there was ground blind. I went elsewhere-500-600 yds away and was successful. I poked my head in there this year. No ground blind. So, I set up. Another successful hunt.

I have 3-5 different spots to set up for this reason. If that doesn't work out, I'll still hunt/scout until I find another. No big deal. I'm still in the game.

From: Timbrhuntr
I have a private spot on 40 acres that I have put a stand in a certain tree for 15 years. Well 2 years ago I climb into my tree and 15 minutes later I see a guy walking the property line and he climbs up into a cedar tree 10 yards in front of me !! I waited for him to get all settled and then yelled howdy neighbor hows the hunting going he about fell out of the tree.

From: JTV
I hunt a heavily pressured state property... I had a guy set up about 300 yds from me last week, in the direction I expected the deer to come from, yea, I was highly disappointed to say the least .... I get up early in my stands, I see lights moving thru the woods at day break all the damn time, more so than years past .... its about to get worse when gun season opens on the 17th, I'll stay in the archery only section then ..... to me a good day is when I dont see, hear nor smell another human .... deer movement this year has sucked, plain sucked on the area, could be all the extra pressure from the crossbow guys who are now moving in from the gun seasons and doing their best Elmer Fudd impersonation as they try to "stalk" thru the crunchy leaves ....... the place aint what it used to be ... less deer and more guys now in archery because of the damn things ... Ive got another vacation that starts Friday for 9 days, so I hope the buck/deer movement is better ....

From: TrapperKayak
Within the same section...

From: Tracker
It's public property so if you can't work it out with the other guy just get there early with a strong light to let them know where you are.

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