Big buck advice please
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From: Vids
He likely sees coyotes all the time, I doubt it will keep him out of that area.

From: APauls
I can't imagine the yote having any lasting effect whatsoever.

From: keepemsharp
We have on film here of groups of 5 or 6 taking down adult bucks. Found five last winter where yotes ran them out on the ice and finished them off.

From: TMA1010
If he ran 80 yards and stopped then walked off calmly he wasn't spooked to the point of avoiding the area. Now I will say that in my experience it's tough to get a big buck in the same situation multiple times, but he'll likely still be in the area.

From: jax2009r
deer live with the is a normal part of life for them....

From: Bowriter
Leave your calls at home. Sit quietly. Leave your phone and games at home. Sit quietly. Wait for the wind and temperature to be right. Don't worry about the coyote, he did you a favor. Just go kill him.

From: Michael
I agree the coyote won’t have any impact. However the grunting did. If he was 40 yards and could see well he could see there was no buck. They can pin point the sound very well. I doubt I would have called at all at 40 yards. However when they are close 100 yards or so. I will call softly in the opposite direction the deer is from me.

From: patdel
I've gotten myself in nothing but trouble calling to big bucks I could see. They pin you down.

I do still rattle blind if nothing is going on, but agree with Pat.

I dont even bring a grunt tube or can call anymore. I think they do more harm than good.

From: Kodiak
Agree with Pat.

Don't over-call.

From: Timbrhuntr
So if you grunt at a deer and he looks in your direction and sees nothing how does this mess him up ? Kinda sounds like the old bs about calling to turkeys too much and educating them . I have grunted at a buck one day and had him look then walk off and then a few days later grunted at the same buck and he ran right over to 25 yards .

From: LTG 11
I don't think you blew it. They came out together and he worked a scrape in daylight.

You're in his core area. You could catch him coming out to cruise or coming back to his bed. Don't overhunt it, though.

From: hogthief
kill the coyote.

From: BigOzzie
In my "opinion" the coyote may be your savior, him distracting the buck will be the focus of his memory, or interaction for the evening. Not you and your calls. He may well be back, that said it is time for the bachelor herds to break up and change patterns, you may be lucky to see him again. If you don't see him again, I would blame the change of travel, he may still follow the smaller bucks out it will most likely just be after dark that he comes out. my "opinion"


From: patdel
Timbrhuntr, In my experience, they circle around downwind of you after you call. Also, now instead of just walking through the woods, they are actively looking.

If they dont smell you, there is a good chance they're going to pick you off while you're tooting your horn.

When they do, they dont stand around snorting. They just slink off, and you can forget about shooting them out of that tree.

I'm talking about older bucks here, and ymmv.

From: Franklin
If a big buck is moving out of range giving a call or two can`t hurt. What he did was look to se if he could see anything that might peak his interest and be worth going to have a look see. He had a destination in mind and he made the decision to keep to his plan.

You had nothing to lose and unless he busted you did zero harm. For all you know that buck`s home range is a mile away and you will never see him again.

From: BullBuster
Agree with the latters and disagree with the anti-grunters. Prove us right.


PAbowhunter1064's embedded Photo
PAbowhunter1064's embedded Photo
This guy was walking out of my life, until I turned him around with the ol' Knight & Hale Arrowhead grunt call! Most of the bucks I've killed were out of range, and I've had em' come charging in with their hair standing up, looking to kick the intruders butt. Very seldom have I had a deer bolt out of the area, due to me grunting at them...most will just go about their business, and mosey on out of the area.

From: Proline
I think the difference is mature vs immature bucks. I've definately had good luck grunting to young bucks and having them come to it. But the big boys.......everyone I have grunted at turns and walks away. They don't get that head gear by being dumb.......... The can call I don't even pull out anymore. Every one in the woods has that thing and its way overdone IMO.

From: Ironbow
You won't fool a mature buck at close range with a call unless you are in very, very thick cover. Close being under 80 yds, maybe 100.

Past that, if you are in good cover, the odds go up a bunch. I have grunted or bleated or rattled in over half of my biggest bucks and had a few come in but not give me a shot. Calling works if there is good cover and the buck is receptive to it. Some are not.

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