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Habitat Improvement Plan???
Whitetail Deer
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grubby 05-Nov-18
I'm looking for advise on how to improve the 40 acres that I get to hunt on. This land is not mine so I'm limited to what I can do. (no large cutting or clearing). I have hunted this 40 for 7 years and usually see at least a deer every sit. I have shot a few 2.5 year old bucks and seen bigger. I try to shoot a doe or two a year as well. Currently, my wife and I are the only ones that hunt it and that use the land.

The land is flat other than the creek that runs through it. The land was select cut 15 years ago and is made up of thick slash, a few oaks, and tall pine trees. To the west is a big section of woods that does not have much for hunting pressure. To the north and south there are more hunters during rifle season but I don't hear much shooting. The east boarder is all ag fields that the deer feed on. Other than the areas around my stands, I do not enter the thick bedding area unless it is to track a deer. I leave the middle of the land alone for bedding.

We try to hunt the few open areas where you can put stands and see more than 50 yards. In the past, I have cut trails and raked them for the deer to use. I have also blocked trails with brush to redirect deer movement. Both of these things have helped but I am looking for more.

My question is, what can be done on a 40 acre to improve my hunting on this 40?

From: Pat Lefemine
Too many questions for anyone to give you any credible advice. Are there fields? Can you till those fields? can you plant trees? Can you remove individual trees (like those choking apple trees)?

Owning land is so much easier than leased ground with restrictions. There's also the reality that you spend a lot of time and effort to improve the property for hunting and someone leases it out from under you, or a family member has you kicked off. Personally, I would never put the time and effort I do into leased ground. Its just not worth it.

From the sounds of it there is nothing you can do. Sounds about perfect.

From: grubby
I have permission on 120 acres adjacent to mine, I have had it for several years, I have done some improvements, mainly mowing and I put in a food plot in a pipeline ROW. The owners brother showed up this summer and liked what he saw, now I share access with him. I don't believe I will be planting the plot next year.

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