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Leaves on food plots
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Hiker 06-Nov-18
wildan 06-Nov-18
eddie c 06-Nov-18
skookumjt 06-Nov-18
From: Hiker

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Hiker's embedded Photo
Do to weather and family commitments I was later getting things planted. I planted Durana clover and Elbon Rye on 9/30/18. It has had good rain on it and came up right away however the clover is only ½” -3/4” tall and the rye is about 3” -4”. I have read the Durana clover is slow growing but is this normal? Also what do I do about the leaves falling on the plot? I took a leaf blower and cleaned them off this weekend. Our first freeze is looks like it will be this Friday.

From: wildan
Why remove leaves?Good mulch.

From: eddie c
i had a plot similar to that, in the trees, not very big. when the leaves fell and covered the whole area, it smothered out the wheat and rye. sunlight doesn't penetrate a thick layer of leaves. i would remove them until the clover gets taller.

From: skookumjt
If the leaves have fallen, the growing season is over. The leaves aren't hurting anything.

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