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2019 Guided Hunt
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Will 06-Nov-18
Dakota 06-Nov-18
Busta'Ribs 06-Nov-18
From: Will
Looking for a 2019 archery hunt in an OTC or high draw state. Looking for next September Rut hunt. Prefer to hunt somewhere where we are actively hunting and not just sitting in a blind for a week. Have done spot & stalk with decoys in the past and had a great hunt. Will hunt Blinds but don't want it to be the WHOLE trip. Nice accomodations would be a plus

From: Dakota
Check out

From: Busta'Ribs
Call Jim Wilkens at Otter Creek Outfitters in Otter Montana. Decoy and spot/stalk hunting, great western style accommodations, great hunting and you won’t find better people anywhere. Have to google him, don’t have his info handy. Good luck.

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