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Boot Blankets- which brand?
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Hunt98 06-Nov-18
Brotsky 06-Nov-18
midwest 06-Nov-18
CJE 06-Nov-18
Fields 06-Nov-18
t-roy 06-Nov-18
EmbryOklahoma 06-Nov-18
midwest 06-Nov-18
Badgeralum 06-Nov-18
GotBowAz 06-Nov-18
LBshooter 06-Nov-18
76aggie 07-Nov-18
Overland 07-Nov-18
Matt Palmquist 07-Nov-18
Ambush 07-Nov-18
PAOH 07-Nov-18
bigdog21 08-Nov-18
Screwball 08-Nov-18
Rut Nut 08-Nov-18
stagetek 08-Nov-18
elk yinzer 08-Nov-18
KSLand 08-Nov-18
WV Mountaineer 09-Nov-18
From: Hunt98
I see that are a few different brands of boot blankets.

Which brand would you recommend?

From: Brotsky
Artic ones I've used.

From: midwest
+1 Arctic Shield

From: CJE
I just got some Arctic Shields a couple weeks ago but the weather hasn't been cold enough to use them yet. I wear a size 10 rubber boot and I ordered the large and they barely fit over my boot. If you decide to get this brand, my advice is get a size larger than you think you will need.

From: Fields
these guys hunt a lot more than I do, so take my opinion for what it is worth......, but the arctic shield boot blankets I had sucked... Didn't keep my feet any warmer regardless how I used them... I bought a pair of other boot blankets (I forget the name, they were large and bulky though) and they worked much better... sometimes I would even take off my boot, throw a hand warmer in the boot blanket and keep my feet in there without any boots... sucked in a tree stand though when I had to stand...

From: t-roy
Arctic Shield +3

As others have said... Arctic Shield. Look around on line. I got mine a lot cheaper than the going rate.

From: midwest
Put them on and throw in the heat packs BEFORE your feet are cold.

From: Badgeralum
The Artic Shields are on sale online at Scheels for $29.99. I went to the local store and bought two pairs in xx large for the online price.

From: GotBowAz
Im with Fields, I bought arctic shield and they sucked, my feet still got cold. I did not try hand warmers in them so I dont really know if that would do the trick with arctic shield or not. I think it would help a little but I dont think my feet would stay warm on all day sits. I bought the boot blankets which are very very bulky but those things worked great. I did use hand warmers in them when the temps dropped into the 20's. The bottoms of both have an anti slip on them and it is noisy on a metal stand. Think im going to try and sew some sneaky feet to the bottoms of the arctic shields coupled with hand warmer might be fix both issues.

From: LBshooter
Artic shield is what I've been using. However, if you look at wiggys, they have a over boot that is good for mines temps, and it has a sole that you can walk in with no worries. It's not cheap but it will last.

From: 76aggie
I have always been told the secret to getting the Arctic Shield to work is to put them on when you first get into the blind, before your feet actually get cold.

From: Overland
Yet another vote for Arctic Shields. I got a pair last year and they are simply amazing. My feet are so much warmer and I can stay out longer in more comfort. Agree with the others - size up.

I had good luck with the ice breakers. They are quite bulky though.

From: Ambush
I hope the correct answer is Arctic Shield because I ordered a pair last night. But I plan to wear them over a few pair of heavy socks, not boots.

From: PAOH
Artic Shield, I wear uninsulated boots with a body warmer strapped to the toe area. I do this as soon as I get to the stand.

From: bigdog21
Toasty toes one on bottem and one on top of socks no blankets needed

From: Screwball
Artic Shield, been using them forever. Put them on as soon as I'm in my stand. Love them, recommend them.

From: Rut Nut
Arctic Shield! Put them on over 500 gr insulated boots as soon as I get into stand. Have not had to use any warmers of any type even down to 0* F

Just make sure you get them plenty big! Get one size larger than they say.

From: stagetek
Ice Breakers are much better. Bulkier, because they're warmer. Sent my Artic Shields back. Even the x-large were too tight for my size 14's.

From: elk yinzer
I can use my arctic shields over uninsulated hikers down into the 20s. Teens with chemical handwarmers. I don't have experience with any other brands but don't need any more warmth than that. I wish they were a little easier to put on. For some reason that bleeping rear zipper always gives me a charley horse trying to contort to zip it in the tree.

From: KSLand
Just bought the Arctic Shields before hunting today through Sunday with this temp drop. I wore uninsulated boots with a hand warmer thrown in and had zero problems today during my all day sit. They also fold up and fit in my bag nice as well.

Arctic Shield X 25. I gotta walk a longs ways and while I own a bulkier pair, the AS ones pack up nice and do a good job. Just put them on before you get cold and you will be fine. If not, drop a hand warmer in there and you will really like 'em.

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