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From: Candor
So, now that I am getting into my upper 40s my vision is starting to lag. I had lasik in my early 30s and last year noticed I was starting to strain to see some objects, was having some focus issues when trying to stare at objects through trees and reading was becoming more of a challenge.

My ophthalmologist, who is chronically late (but I digress) recommended to me last year that I start spending a minute every day with a wet/warm washcloth massaging the eyelash line of both eyes. Honestly I blew it off as "whatever".... But over the course of the last 6 months I noticed my eye strain and reading really getting worse so I decided to give it a try. After doing it for 20 seconds 3 times a day (like my early conjugal visits) for the last few months I have to say it is making a huge difference. The doc had told me that quality tear production was important and I have to say I am currently only having a fraction of the problem that I was having.

Confounding that after all those years in medical school they actually know more than my dumbarse.

Anyway...I wanted to share that as I think it is certainly worth an ounce of prevention... I am certainly seeing my pins better under marginal light.

From: tobywon
Thanks, I'm in the same boat. Dr mentioned dry eyes and even mentioned what you are doing. Ill have to give it a try.

From: midwest
I know of at least two eye docs on here. Maybe they'll chime in. Both of them are pretty serious whitetail hunters, though, so they might not be available.

From: JL
When my eyes started to go out of was cataract time. Prior to that....I was getting chronic blephoritis. That was causing a dry eye feeling. The fix was doxy.

From: Hawkeye
'Dry Eye' is certainly a cause of intermittent blur, along with chronic discomfort and inflammation. Combine that with some other focusing issues related to your lens (behind the colored part of your eye), and likely some Rx that has crept back in, and you have a perfect storm of low-light blur.

I agree that lid massage and a good quality artificial tear can help and almost never hurt. Good luck and keep us posted on those reading glasses ;)

From: BSBD
I’ve had similar issues. I’m 52 and just had cataract surgery in my left eye. Right eye will get surgery in 3 weeks. Previous to surgery my doc inserted punctal plugs to keep eyes moist. Very simple and cheap procedure. 4 hours after surgery my eye was 20/30. Uncorrected it was 20/600. Now 4 days later it’s better than 20/20. I’m hoping the right eye surgery goes as well.

From: Candor
Hawkeye...I know the reading glasses are coming. But I also believe that having good, natural tear production for as long in my life as I can reasonably and wholistically promote it is a good direction.

It won't be long before I am reading threads (with my reading glasses :)) about clarifiers or verifiers or whatever the peep-mounted optic is called.

From: Hawkeye
I completely agree with you Candor and keep it up. You are correct in that the better and healthier the tear film the better overall vision you will doubt!

From: Kurt
I was having issues with spring alder and pine pollen really bothering my eyes. An eye specialist recommended the hot wash cloth trick as well as over the counter drops....Thera-tears work well for me. The drops help flush out the pollen and spring bear hunting is more fun! I carry a small container of them and flush my eyes every morning when backpacking and not showering. Helps a bunch.

From: Genesis
Blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction is a common ailment and their are a myriad of home remedies that are slightly to very effective depending on your clinical signs.

Secondarily these remedies can slightly improve vision but will not reverse the effects of presbyopia ( poor reading due to age) at all.

I concur with Dr. Hawkeye and Dr. Genesis.

I also agree. Gettin’ old sucks, but it sure beats the alternative!

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