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Changing fiber optic on a spot Hogg
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craig@work 07-Nov-18
JohnMC 07-Nov-18
Moose2367 07-Nov-18
craig@work 07-Nov-18
JaneHemmings 07-Oct-20
From: craig@work
I’m going to be switching to a multi pin spot Hogg after this season. I noticed the pins are considerably dimmer than the HHA I’m currently using. Has anyone swapped out the 12” fibers and used say 36”? Thinking this would solve the dim problem. It is a wrapped model of that matters.


From: JohnMC
I have broke them and switched out a few times. I don’t think you can get 36” in there. They run in a tube and not much extra room. If you take a part pay attention to how tubes are sitting in there. They run in both directions around wrap and have to go back that way or they won’t fit back. Also be care the plastic piece that hold them in wrap will break very easily so be careful with that piece.

From: Moose2367
Easy to do. As for being 'wrapped' if yours has a foot of fibre you're lucky. My 3 pin head had about half that, with 2 of the 3 going under the housing, virtually gathering no light.

I put in a foot of each and actually wrapped the housing this time, it all fitted no problem and is 10x brighter. Just make sure you melt the ends of the fibre with something you've heated, like the metal surround of a lighter, a flame will melt an inch at a time. Not sure of you've already got the new fibre, but there are only about 2, maybe 3 manufacturers of it, so brand won't make much difference, this was from Spot Hogg themselves when i asked them about it.

From: craig@work
Moose that’s what I’m thinking of doing. The HHA has 3+ feet of wrapped so I don’t see why I can’t do the same with the Hogg. Housing is even bigger.

From: JaneHemmings

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