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Bare Shafts Through Paper??
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Bigfishhunter 07-Nov-18
WapitiBob 07-Nov-18
GF 08-Nov-18
x-man 08-Nov-18
otcWill 08-Nov-18
Is there any benefit to this? I can get a perfect hole from 3 yards, but at like 9 yards i'm having issues. I'm thinking it's all form.

From: WapitiBob
i think 3 is too close to see much and prefer 7-10.

From: GF
If you’re going to believe it at 3, you’ve got to believe it 3X as much at 9.

I had my bows shooting right down the middle out to 20 yards, but then they broke Weak between 20 and 30.

Not a poke at the OP, but it just blows my mind that people who talk about taking hunting shots from 35-100 yards will check something as important as arrow flight at 35-100 inches.... and call it good.

From: x-man
I start with bare shaft paper tuning on almost all of my setups, as well as most of my customers setups when I had my shop open. It's not the "best" tuning method but it's the best short-range indoor tuning method that I know of.

I start at about 3'(disclaimer, I always use a stiff shaft) and I'll get the tear as close as I can. Then I'll move back to 3 yards, and then about 5-6 yards. When I can get good round holes at all three distances, I am 99% sure that once I fletch the shafts I will have very little if any adjustments to make while BH tuning.

If I get a funky tear after fletching, I'll know there is a contact issue.

If your shaft is weak enough to flex at the release, you'll need to be able to recognize that in the tear. If you look close enough you can see where the point enters the paper. If that entry point is somewhere in the middle of the tear, that's just flex that you're seeing.

From: otcWill
To each their own but I don't mess too much with paper anymore. Just get bullets from 5 or so and take it outside from there. That said, I agree with everything xman said

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