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Arkansas pigs
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jeffb 07-Nov-18
flyingbrass 07-Nov-18
drycreek 08-Nov-18
Dagwood_55 08-Nov-18
flyingbrass 08-Nov-18
From: jeffb
I am headed to Arkansas to deer hunt and I would like to find a public hunting area to chase some pigs also. I will be staying in Johnson County in the Ozark NF. Someplace close to there would be great. Any info would be helpful

From: flyingbrass
hunting pigs from a tree stand is a tall order, on national forest you would have a better chance at a P&Y unicorn. I trapped and shot 132 on my place in 18 months. I've been after hogs for a long time and they are tough to hunt for sure.

From: drycreek
Hogs are where you find them. They are here today and gone tomorrow unless you bait them, then they will hit the bait most every day.....or night.

From: Dagwood_55
Hey Flyingbrass,

We've got some lease land in southern Yell Co with pigs on it. Just got a trap. We've got a couple but so far they are smarter than we are. Got any tips on trapping them?? We are using this trap and baiting with corn.


From: flyingbrass
One big tip! Make sure you secure the trap with at least 3 Tposts! Don't use the factory anchors. Use 3 Tposts and wire to secure trap. Im on several videos on I would say just use plenty of bait, regular corn. I use the regular trigger setup with 2 metal rods in ground and a 3rd rod across the back of them. Don't get fancy. Make sure the gate can fall freely and no rocks in the tracks. I put a cell phone camera on mine so I can get them out quickly. It's a mess to reset the trigger if you leave them more than 8 hours. It's a great trap!

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