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The Fruits of Our Labor
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From: trophyhill
We're all familiar with the hard work that goes into an elk hunt. If we're lucky and live close enough to elk country and can scout it, the effort is stepped up 100 fold.

The scouting trips, the trailcams, hiking thru rain, sleeping on the ground, eating Mt House meals, starving your body of calories, not drinking enough water, and it's only June.

FF to Sept 15, opening day of your hunt. But I don't want to relive my unseccessful hunt in which I blew 6 opportunities. 2 350+ opportunities. And how my calling has reached a pinnacle. At least in NM and CO.

But instead, fall back a day, last day of my friends hunt, and a day before my hunt. In the same unit. I was lucky enough to catch him in the midst of a pack out.

The Garmin In Reach is so fricken valuable, can't believe I didn't own one beforehand.

Anywho, my buddy hunted the full hunt and never gave up. Killed at the end of his hunt when things we're looking bleak. We got to share all the hard work leading up to the hunt, and labor of the weaning hours if his hunt. Not only did I have the privilege to help pack meat, tonight he gave me in the vicinity of 20 + #'s of meat.

And thus, the title of the thread. Which is my way of saying thank you! That hunt goes as another unforgettable experience which I am greatful. The 2 350+ bulls are merely secondary and have faded into the failed attempt folder, along with the other couple/few dozen attempts in the last couple/few years.

The thought of the burning pain in my feet from packing out with my pal, and that first taste of the bounty, will always be in the forefront.

Pretty neat man. Well written. I think the majority of the enjoyment is in the anticipation and remembering of a hunt, versus that split second it seems when everything comes together and an arrow flies. So congrats on a successful season!

From: ElkNut1
Dave, you're a class act my friend! What an attitude, it's one that should be contagious these days. No doubt with all the Scouting Prep & Hunting itself it can make us stronger & wiser! Well done sir, enjoy those cuts to the fullest, you earned them!


From: trophyhill
Thanks guys, and thanks JP for the memorable hunt!

From: Treeline
Sounds like an almost perfect elk hunt! Congratulations!

From: mrelite
I'll be, never thought I would run across a thread like this, Thanks David! I have to say the appreciation is mutual, for you to come help pack meat instead of packing your own butt into your hunting area was super cool!! I wish I could have done more but dang that was the smallest bull ever. I wish I could have stayed and helped out on your hunt, I thought for sure you were going to take down one of the big boys!

It really has been a pleasure for the last 5 years strategizing, scouting and hunting the "Area" with you and there is no doubt that we will take a couple big ones out of there soon......okay bigger then the ones we have already taken!!

I totally agree with you guys, there is a lot of anticipation and prepping before and after a hunt and all of that is what really makes a hunt a great experience, having a good friend to share it with is pretty cool!

Treeline, I agree with the hunt being almost perfect, anytime one gets to spend 15 days in the Gila and has help packing meat it's pretty darn good!

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