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Is this a good deer?
Whitetail Deer
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Ty 08-Nov-18
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Rut Nut 09-Nov-18
From: Ty

Ty's embedded Photo
Ty's embedded Photo
I am looking at a property to buy and this is a trail photo from it. Do you thing this is good genetics? He look young and pretty good to me.

From: Franklin
Genetics have more to do with your location....not property specific. Very hard to control genetics on wild deer. If your area has good deer in it and your property has all the qualities to attract and hold deer....then you are good to go.

From: Kodiak
Impressive brows.

From: Catscratch
I wouldn't buy a property based on a trailcam pic.

Is there water? Tillable acreage? What are the taxes? Location compared to your home? Next to a state park... or next to land leased by an outfitter? Etc.

To answer your question; that might be a good buck in Florida and a crappy buck in Iowa. He might be 2.5yrs old or 7.5yrs. No way of really knowing without killing him.

From: Beartrack

From: Skippy
They are all good some are just better than others

From: LINK
Yes, but I’d think if you are buying a hunting property that you know what you’re looking at as well as anyone. ;)

From: Bou'bound
Yes great genes on that one. Property has to be solid.

From: Hh76
I always see trail cam pictures on real estate listings. I always think "why should I believe that the picture is actually from that property?"

From: Ty

From: grubby
My buddy has his place for sale, the realtor put lots of pictures on the listing of the taxidermy inside. All those bucks came from Kansas LOL

From: Buffalo1
A trail cam photo is definitely something to consider when buying property. Is the realtor willing to throw in a swamp land tract of property with the deal?

From: Errorhead
Have you meet the neighbors?

From: Hawkeye
Great buck. The problem with those genetics is they are 'gone' by mid-November each year when they break them off ;)

From: Grunter
Good looking buck, real nice brow tines. However I wouldn't base a property on 1 picture. There are many things to consider. Neighbors, pressure, ag fields around, hardwoods etc....good luck with your search.

Curious how much a acre??

From: Rut Nut
That's funny grubby! : )

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