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Will lighter reed type camo work for dee
Whitetail Deer
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Just got some warm weather gear and the only warm option for pants was on some duck hunting reed type camo. I'm not to worried about it but wondering what y'all thought. Will it stand out Against the darker background

From: Paul@thefort
it has been proven that no movement it the key.

From: JTV
it will break up your outline.. no problems

From: JayZ
I wear carhart pants a lot in a treestand. I’m with Paul. Movement is key. They pick that off quick.

From: Hawkarcher
I killed my first archery deer wearing shadow grass bibs and parka because it was the warmest camo I had and it was five degrees out.

From: eddie c

eddie c's embedded Photo
eddie c's embedded Photo
one of my favorite pics.

From: Bill Obeid
I think Fred Bear just called me a “grandpa”. Dang...

From: drycreek
When I was a kid, there was no camo. The best we could do was army surplus OD green. I killed many a duck in blue jeans and a dark colored shirt. Of course, some of that time I was waist deep in water with no waders. Amazing how much tougher (dumber) I was back then.

The first camo I ever owned was some tiger striped Viet Nam war era pattern. Got my first two bow kills wearing that stuff. I don't know which was dumber, me or the deer.

I couldn't tell you how many deer me and a buddy have killed wearing blue jeans before we finally budgeted camo. It will break up the outline and as previously noted no movement is key.

From: Woods Walker
As long as you don't shine, stink, move or make noise (a byproduct of "move") what you wear doesn't matter.

From: greg simon
To your eyes yes it will stand out. To a deer, hold still and it will break up your form.

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