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Colorado outfitter sentanced ...
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From: JTV

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huge fine and 4 year deferred jail time .. Multiple employees of a Colorado outfitter have come to an agreement with a Colorado District Attorney’s Office after being pleading guilty to numerous illegal hunting practices during the 2016 and 2017 hunting seasons.

Marvin Doherty, the 70-year-old owner of Outdoor Specialist LLC in Hayden, pleaded guilty to illegal sale of wildlife, illegal possession of big-game animals, and illegally baiting big-game after Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) say he and four employees led unwitting clients on illegal hunts in public wildlife areas despite only having licenses valid for private hunts, according to a new release issued by the CPW.

From: Paul@thefort
Good. I just looked up their website and I wondered how many of their past satisfied customers were hunting "off property" and illegal.

From: goelk
Good they got what they deserve. I would of have fine more money

From: Surfbow

From: Rut Nut
Just curious...........................what is "deferred" jail time?!

From: cnelk
Rut Nut - thats where they dont do time, unless they violate their probation

If I buy landowner tag for that unit, Do I ok to hunt on public land on that unit or I have to hunt on that landowner private land only? Can someone help me understand this?

From: Jaquomo
A "landowner voucher" allows you to hunt that owner's land, plus all other public land in the unit. So the answer to your question is yes. A Private Land Only" (PLO) license is for private land only, and is different from a landowner voucher that you can buy.

Outfitters need a different permit to guide on public land vs. private land, regardless of the type of tag his hunters possess. So he may sell a landowner voucher and also guide the hunter on public land, but unless he is licensed to guide in that specific area of public land by USFS and/or BLM, he is breaking the law.

Outfitters pull this crap sometimes. The hunter draws a PLO license but is also guided on adjacent public land. Landowner voucher is sold for one unit but the hunters are also guided on adjoining units on the same ranch, on a unit with much higher draw odds. Really tough for CPW to catch them and the hunter is often unaware, or doesn't care.

From: TEmbry
It happens in the guide industry but also in the “Buddy” industry too. Bad apples in every barrel. OnX maps is my bible for hunting now as corny as it sounds, I trust it more than the word of others of whether or not where I am going is where I’m allowed to take steps. I’m just lucky to live in a state where it’s more rare to find private land access than to find yourself tresspassing on it.

Thanks for explaining. I understand it now.

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