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Another Grizz attack in MT
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Inshart 13-Nov-18
Yellowjacket 13-Nov-18
LINK 13-Nov-18
Whocares 13-Nov-18
Zbone 14-Nov-18
BigOzzie 14-Nov-18
Zbone 14-Nov-18
From: Inshart
I don't know much of anything about it, all I've heard is it sounds like a couple hunters startled a griz and one of them got bit up on both arms and leg. If anyone knows more can you post it?

From: Yellowjacket

Yellowjacket's Link
What you heard sounds about right.

From: LINK
Sounds like Montana should take notes from Wyoming. I think Wyoming has taken the stance that any trouble bear is getting killed if the feds are going to tell us our business.

From: Whocares
Damn! That Todd Orr one tough dude! Congrats on him keeping his wits!

From: Zbone
Figured they'd be in hibernation by now...

From: BigOzzie
Not yet Zbone, they are very active, right now, on the hunt for calories.

Now that there are more griz I have been able to pattern them for a few years. According to officials (people smarter than me) Griz prefer to den at close to 5,000 ft. elevation. In the spring when they emerge from their dens, they migrate down to the valley floor, 3000 ft, to spend their summer. Then again in the fall they migrate back up to 5000 ft to den up.

In the process of migrating, nothing is safe. Just sayin


From: Zbone
Thanks for the info oz...

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