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Cabela's Roughneck Jeans
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Zbone 16-Nov-18
Darenbug 08-Nov-22
Highlife 08-Nov-22
scentman 08-Nov-22
Condiment 10-Nov-22
From: Zbone
Cabela's is running a Thanksgiving sale and thinking about maybe trying their Roughneck Jeans... Add says in the Classic Fit or the Relaxed Fit, but I've never tried on their jeans... I wear several styles of Levis (depending on the cut I wear different sizes so can't compare those), and still have a couple Gander Mountain no longer made, and a few Wranglers, so I was wondering what cut of Roughnecks is compared to Wranglers?... Thanks...

From: Darenbug
Try mom jeans. They are suitable for absolutely everyone.

From: Highlife

From: scentman
I'm a Jordache guy myself ;0)

From: Condiment
Laugh all you want, Highlife, but mom jeans are the best if you're a woman. They hug your waist, leave enough legroom, so you don't feel constricted, and are sturdy as hell. By knowing how to style mom jeans, a woman can create an astounding amount of looks. They go well practically with everything. If there's a men's alternative to this type of jeans, I'd definitely try it. I look at how comfy my wife feels while she wears them, and I wonder why haven't I ever heard about universal jeans for men.

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