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Hunt98 17-Nov-18
Jaquomo 17-Nov-18
spike78 17-Nov-18
PECO 17-Nov-18
Michael 17-Nov-18
greg simon 17-Nov-18
GhostBird 14-Dec-22
beemann 14-Dec-22
HDE 14-Dec-22
deserthunter 14-Dec-22
From: Hunt98
The weather app that I was using was ok. But then with the last update they no longer have the hourly wind speed and direction. So I’m looking for a new weather app. The app must have- Hourly forecast for temp, wind speed and direction, precipitation, radar, map of multiple sites, easy to use

Is there any weather app that will work for me?

From: Jaquomo
I like Weather Underground and MyRadar.

From: spike78
Download the Drury DeerCast

From: PECO
Weather underground and NOAA. I don't trust Crackuweather.

From: Michael
I use NOAA about 99% of the time. The other 1% is accuweather and weather bug.

From: greg simon
I use weather bug. It has everything you asked for.

From: GhostBird
"Windy" is pretty good, but only for wind speed & direction.

From: beemann
Storm Radar by the weather channel... and I check on the computer....

From: HDE
Clime: NOAA Radar and Windy.

From: deserthunter
I 2nd Clime

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