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Looking for Outfitter Recommendations
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Buffalo1 27-Nov-18
Bake 27-Nov-18
safari 27-Nov-18
joker2400 02-Dec-18
BadlandsRoger 03-Dec-18
Sling Shot 11-Feb-19
Forest bows 11-Feb-19
Dale06 11-Feb-19
Mathewshootrphone 13-Feb-19
c5ken 13-Feb-19
altitude sick 13-Feb-19
firefighter 13-Feb-19
CaptMike 13-Feb-19
From: Buffalo1
Looking at the possibility of a return trip to Africa (South Africa or Namibia) in 2020. I am looking for recommendations for an outfitter who specializes in bowhunting to hunt reedbuck or mountain reedbuck. My preference style of hunting is over a waterhole. For those of you who have hunted Africa, who would you suggest? Thanks

From: Bake
I saw mountain reed buck nearly every day while hunting the east cape with Crusader Safaris in 2016. We had a couple stalks

It won’t be blind hunting though. Probably spot and stalk unless Andrew specifically sets a blind or two for your hunt.

From: safari
Cruiser Safaris can get that done for you.

From: joker2400
African Barefoot Safaris. They cater primarily to bow hunters. Hunted with them in 2017. Had a great time. I have no doubt reon could get you on either of those animals. I plan to go back when I have the right combination of time and money.

I second African Barefoot Safaris. A friend and I hunted with them in 2015 and had a great trip. First class operation and first class people. Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions.

From: Sling Shot
I agree- African Barefoot Safari's if you are gonna bowhunt

From: Forest bows
I'll go with ya!

From: Dale06
I hunted twice with Limcroma Safaris, 2013 & 2014.It was fabulous. I did not hunt reed buck, but I suspect that they have places to hunt them. I highly recommend them. Pm me if you have questions. I have no affiliation with them, other than having hunted there.

East cape safaris

From: c5ken
My 3rd trip to Limcroma is scheduled in June of this year. Contact them.. you won't be disappointed...

A small SCI chapter just auctioned off a Licroma Hunt, 10 days 2 hunters, 2 observers, with a couple animals per hunter. $750 What a steal.

From: firefighter
Hunted with Limcroma last summer for the 3rd time. I know they have concessions in the Free State that have reedbuck.

From: CaptMike
Have bow hunted with Sadaka Safaris 8 different times now. Sadaka

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