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Eating Deer Tongue
Whitetail Deer
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JohnMC 29-Nov-18
Bou'bound 29-Nov-18
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Joey Ward 29-Nov-18
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midwest 29-Nov-18
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Bowspirit 29-Nov-18
bad karma 29-Nov-18
orionsbrother 29-Nov-18
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Franklin 29-Nov-18
TD 29-Nov-18
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T Mac 30-Nov-18
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Fuzzy 03-Dec-18
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bad karma 04-Dec-18
deerslayer 08-Dec-18
bad karma 08-Dec-18
elkmo 08-Dec-18
ELKMAN 09-Dec-18
From: JohnMC
Who eats the tongue of their deer? I have heard tongue can be good. I have never tried it or know how to go about preparing. I just googled it and found nothing that made me say that sounds good.

If you regularly eat it and have a way you like to do it. Post it up.

From: Bou'bound
Never that desperate

From: Zbone
Luv pickled tongue but deer is very small compared to beef, so it takes a few of them to make a jar, but been freezing and saving mine and a buddy's to pickle once I have enough... I just made a batch of pickled deer heart the other day, but still working on my recipe... See thread.

From: Dale06
Muscle meat for me. No tongue, liver, heart. Coyotes need to eat also.

From: Joey Ward
My family likes it.

I won’t prepare until I have 5 or more. I help with a local school deer hunt every year so I can save a bunch over the course of a weekend.

I’ll cut them out from under the jaw. Clean them up a bit with some trimming.

To cook, just boil them in pot of water with some salt. Let them boil about 20 minutes or so. Turn off the heat and leave them covered for about 10 minutes. Then pour off the water and cover them in ice. Once the ice has melted, I can easily remove the outer skin. Then just slice them in small chunks and lightly salt. Enjoy them as is or put some on saltines. Use a little horseradish and/or some hot sauce.


From: snapcrackpop
Dale06, tongue IS muscle, just like heart or gizzard. It is more dense, but not foul tasting like liver...

From: midwest
I use one of the kidney recipes like in the other thread.

I love tongue, but I don't pull them from deer - they're too small to fuss with. I'd definitely take it off of a bison or moose. Tongue tacos (lengua) is usually what I get at authentic taco shops if they have it or cabeza (sinuses/cheeks). Delicious.

From: Bowspirit
I enjoy it. Have always boiled it and eaten them sliced on a sandwich, but as others said, they're pretty small. Not much work to remove them however. Very tender.

From: bad karma
Lengua tacos are magnificent and easy to fix. You will be amazed at how good they are.

I spent a chunk of time in Russia. Tongue sandwiches and borscht were the high end meal in many smaller towns. They are very good, but I ate a LOT of tongue sandwiches and became a bit over saturated. It’s been a while. I may save a few tongues and dive back in. It’ll be fun to see how venison tongue compares to beef tongue.

From: Surfbow
We pulled the tongue out of my elk and made tacos this fall, it was fantastic, can't believe I've let that go to the scavengers in the past...

From: Franklin
I wish people would stop eating strange parts of game animals....someone is going to catch a funky disease from one of these "delicacies" and the hunting world will be turned on it`s

Anyone ever eat blackened deer anus?

From: TD
Guess you'd be OK as long as it wasn't , you know, blue or something.........

From: jmiller
I pickled a few one year. They taste good, but it's a lot of work for the small amount of meat you actually get.

From: APauls
I hear it's finger lickin good

From: T Mac
The base of cow tongue is similar to corned beef, texture wise, and very good. I just bring to a boil with a little salt and pepper and let simmer

From: JohnMC
Boil tongue not making me want to cut it out and eat it. I was adventurous this and keep and ate a heart. But at this point I think I will leave tongue.

From: Zbone
You guys that haven't tried GOOD pickled tongue don't know what your missing...

From: Feedjake
Oh please there’s nothing dangerous about eating heart, tongue or that sort of thing. I generally don’t keep deer tongues because they are so small but I have before and will again.

From: Ken Taylor
We always eat the tongues of the moose we get and they are excellent.

Caribou tongues have a tendency to harbour small cysts so we don't eat them.

I have eaten deer tongue but it's hardly worthwhile to prepare them one at a time.

From: Fuzzy
I do. Trim it, wash it, parboil it and cool then trim the outer skin, use in stew or braise til tender.

From: Fuzzy
I'm laughing at the folks who say too much work. When I raised domestic rabbits for butcher and sale I saved the tongues til I had enough for a meal. lol

Best piece on any animal, other than the heart, and that is only because the heart is bigger!

From: shiloh
I like Joey Ward's recipe......he puts enough sauce and crackers with his deer tongue that he can't taste the tongue;)

From: SteveB
I'd eat it only if I had to. Disgusting.

From: elkmtngear
A girl in my office loves it, I hacked an elk tongue out and brought it to her once.

Told her "do you know where that bull's tongue has been"?

From: t-roy
Better be careful, elkmtngear! She could be part of the #Meat2 movement!

From: ki-ke
"Anyone ever eat blackened deer anus?"

Post a recipe and someone surely will! LOL

From: drycreek
Ain't nuthin but a muscle. I cut one in two today as I was skinning a head for a euro. I thought about this thread. My JRT was getting the scraps off the head as I was trimming it off and I started to feed him some tongue but he talks too much as it is..............

From: DL
Franklin only in the last 50 years have people quit eating many parts of animals that most turn their noses up to. Prior to that a lot of the throw away parts were consumed. We are one of the few countries that don’t eat all of the animal. About as adventurous as I get is the liver. Prior to collagen sausage casings intestines were used and still are for many sausages.

From: ryanrc
Franklin, how about doe taco-tacos.....

From: bad karma
Google recipes for lengua tacos. I can tell you that with moose and elk tongue, they are fantastic.....additively delicious. And easy to fix.

From: deerslayer
Saw an episode of meat eater where he boiled it and ate it. Honestly looked good when he was done, but then again Steve Rinella can probably make anything look good to eat.

From: bad karma
Lengua tacos are a common item in Mexican restaurants. It's one of my favorites....if you see it on the menu in an authentic Mexican place, i.e. not a chain, try it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

From: elkmo
Nah...too many other "normal" parts.

Lengua Burros are one of the best things on earth

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