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Best Bow Quiver???
Contributors to this thread:
McCree 30-Nov-18
JohnMC 30-Nov-18
Brotsky 30-Nov-18
Scar Finga 30-Nov-18
wyobullshooter 30-Nov-18
trackman 30-Nov-18
smarba 30-Nov-18
Buglmin 30-Nov-18
Dale06 30-Nov-18
spike78 30-Nov-18
cnelk 30-Nov-18
Bou'bound 30-Nov-18
YZF-88 30-Nov-18
WYelkhunter 01-Dec-18
Ironbow 01-Dec-18
shorty 01-Dec-18
yooper89 01-Dec-18
Matt 01-Dec-18
McCree 01-Dec-18
altitude sick 01-Dec-18
Bobmeister 01-Dec-18
Ziek 01-Dec-18
jingalls 01-Dec-18
Trial153 01-Dec-18
Backpack Hunter 01-Dec-18
geoffp 03-Dec-18
carcus 03-Dec-18
Hunting5555 06-Dec-18
Ermine 06-Dec-18
deerslayer 08-Dec-18
ground hunter 08-Dec-18
From: McCree
With plans to buy a new bow soon I'm researching each component individually and it's time to decide on a quiver. I want something that holds more than 3 arrows. I currently use an original Delta with custom brackets to fit my bow. The Delta is heavy but holds 7 arrows. I like the capacity when packing in for a 8-10 day hunt.

From: JohnMC
Tight spot

From: Brotsky
The only choice IMO is Tight Spot. Nothing else comes close for me.

From: Scar Finga
Same here!

Yep, TightSpot.

From: trackman
SAME for me the Tight Spot

From: smarba
TS very good quality no doubt. For a number of reasons I prefer a 2 piece.

From: Buglmin
Two piece quivers. I'm using the Trophy Rodge Pro Lite and the Sherpa on my Primes. Less arrow vibrations, liter and redo piece quivers sit closer to the riser.

From: Dale06
I like a two piece that has the gripper and hood far apart. I use Hoyt two piece. I have a 4 and 6 arrow model.

From: spike78
Check out Treelimb quivers I like mine better then my Tightspot.

From: cnelk
Best or quietest?

From: Bou'bound
Two piece Hoyt to match bow and always the 4 arrow version. has been my go to for 25 years

From: YZF-88
I have a Hoyt and like the 4-arrow two piece quiver. Can’t find a lighter one on the market and it’ll get as close to the riser as you want it.

From: WYelkhunter
For me it is the Apex Gear Game Changer. It is fully adjustable and can be found for a lot less money than tightspot. For you it is a matter of personal preference and how much you want to spend. Lots of quivers out their and not just one fits everyone's needs and budget.

From: Ironbow
I think Hoyt makes the best 2 piece, but Tightspot gets my vote for a one piece.

From: shorty
None. I went with a mini cat quiver tied to my back pack two years ago and I will not use a bow quiver ever again.

From: yooper89
Tight spot for me. Bought one on rockslide classifieds this past year. Night and day difference compared to my last one.

From: Matt
Recently switched back from Tight Spot to Hoyt 2 piece.

From: McCree
Looks like I can get the Tight Spot 5 arrow in Kryptek Altitude to match the bow so I think that is the route I'll go. Thanks all!

Cat quiver


Last year the guys here convinced me to go with the TS. Glad I did. I bought the five arrow one and it is the best quiver I have owned; however, I never really owned an expensive quiver before. GL.

From: Bobmeister
The best I have found I had to make, it fits as close to the bow as possible and and pretty light. A couple of ounces less than a T/S, I have one of those and if I didn't have a custom then it would be T/S for sure.

From: Ziek
Another vote for Hoyt 4 arrow, 2 piece. Tried the Tight Spot many years ago, and wasn't impressed.

From: jingalls
Tight Spot

From: Trial153
Tight spot or a two peice riser mounted quiver like an elite.

Tight Spot has worked well for me.

From: geoffp
Tight Spot here too.

From: carcus
Tightspot, worth every penny, I pay for in Canadian dollars! I had a few treelimb 2 piece quivers and they where good, but the tightspot is better and mine has a few miles on it!

From: Hunting5555
Tightspot has a 7 arrow and they have had them on Camofire lately several times for $109. Although on there, what they have may not match your bow.

From: Ermine
I personally think a Hoyt 2 piece are the best. Light weight , and quiet. Last year I switched to a 1 piece for a sheep hunt to take the quiver off for shooting in the wind.

From: deerslayer
Any of you guys ever have any issues with your tight spot clamp constantly loosening? I have this issue constantly.

I have a Fuse made by Hoyt for my Carbon Spyder. However it will not fit my Ram Cats well.... It does fit my Wasp Boss heads well,,,,,,,, I take my quiver off a lot, so the easy removal feature is nice Never had a tight spot, but they are popular

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