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Has the Bowsite search function been aga
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Medicinemann 30-Nov-18
kota-man 30-Nov-18
Ucsdryder 01-Dec-18
Jaquomo 01-Dec-18
Franklin 01-Dec-18
Bou'bound 01-Dec-18
PECO 01-Dec-18
Kodiak 01-Dec-18
Bake 01-Dec-18
SBH 01-Dec-18
sticksender 03-Dec-18
From: Medicinemann
The format looks different, and I get the same error message every time....which I have never seen before.....

From: kota-man
Funny you mention it Jake as I was trying to find your “Super Slam” thread just the other day to no avail. I would think a man of your “status” around here would have some pull! ;)

From: Ucsdryder
I gave up on the search function. I just google “bowsite (topic I want to search)”

From: Jaquomo
Very disappointing, as the Bowsite represents a bit of credible history of modern bowhunting. And some "incredible" history. Much of it is now gone. Poof....

From: Franklin
I tried using "Bowsite" in my Bing search and it didn`t help....I finally saw a "Bowsite" forum response on page 3.

From: Bou'bound
ten years ago the search function on this site was great, but I think when the site became mobile compatible or something it was changed to what we are left with today.

From: PECO
the search function on leatherwall is great, you can search by key word or handle. I'm not sure why bowstie search function sucks so bad.

From: Kodiak
Yeah just use Google. It works.

From: Bake
Google doesn’t work either unless threads are actually just gone completely.

I started a thread titled “My son, Riley” on the 3rd or 4th day of January, 2015. I bookmarked that thread on my phone and work desktop.

The bookmark no longer works. And I can’t find that thread with google or bowsite search

The “topics I contributed to” on My Bowsite, only go back December 2017

It’s not a big deal. But I miss that thread. I liked to read it occasionally

From: SBH
Pat! Can anything be done to recover these threads or fix the search? Its a bummer. So many great hunts and tales. Lou is spot on, there is a piece of bowhunting history here.

From: sticksender
I do know that a lot of old bowsite threads that I have bookmarked are still there. Here's one from 1999: GOTA OPPOMSUM

When using google, I found what works best is to type in search terms, followed by this string of text:

If your thread doesn't show up in the results, either it hasn't be indexed by google, or it may have been accidentally (or purposely) deleted.

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