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From: trophyhill
Can I draw my 4 pt unit this year as a nr with 5 points even though it seems it takes 6 now?

You’ll have to see what the unit was “drawn out at” in the statistics. That should give you a good idea.

From: Dirk Diggler

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Go to this link, click on the species and look up your unit. It will tell you how many it took last year which will give you an idea if you'll draw it this year.

From: Treeline
If it takes 6, then no.

It depends on how many tags there will be and how many people put in for those tags.

Kind of crazy but back when I started putting in for elk in Colorado, you could draw any elk unit in the state with 5 points - resident or nonresident. I finally burned 22 points on a unit I could have drawn for several years prior to drawing.

From: cnelk
Go ahead and post the unit, then it will for sure take more PPs!

From: BassNBucks
The answer for me is...NO! Everything I draw takes me one more point than what the statistics say. But then again I couldn't win at bingo if I could as the only one playing.

From: sticksender
I'm curious as to what you mean by "4 pt unit"? But if the GMU in question took 6 pp to draw this year as you stated, it's unlikely to be drawn with less points next year. Chances are that it would take MORE points to draw next year due to point creep, but that depends on the unit.

From: oldgoat
In a 6 point minimum unit, there may have only been even just one person that got in with six points and everybody else got in with 7 or more, which could mean a lot of people with 6 points didn't get it. But since one person got it with 6 points, then it's a 6 point minimum unit for that year alone, might go another direction the next year due to tag allocations, fires etc...

From: Firsty
Are you talking about unit 66?!

From: Dirk Diggler
"I'm curious as to what you mean by "4 pt unit"?"

I'm guessing he's referring to 4pt antler restriction.

From: Lone Bugle
Diggler, that data is depressing......

From: Dirk Diggler
Ya gotta know how to play the game line bugle. Had 6 tags this season. But I agree, and it's only gettin worse. I hear the talking heads say were a dying breed and I look at all the point creep and people in the woods and I say "when?, where?"

From: Jaquomo
The rapidly declining hunter numbers aren't a myth. 30% drop just since 2009. But those who do hunt, hunt more states and are compressed into less available land because of leasing and outfitting. And a lot more of the remaining hunters bowhunt now. Everybody wants to go west and bowhunt elk and mule deer.

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