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Hot snapz hand warmers
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t-roy 03-Dec-18
From: Bou'bound
Has anyone out there used reusable handwarmers called hot snapz.

From: KC
I have something similar. Has a metal button in it to snap and then a chemical reaction takes place. Not a big fan of them. They get quite hot for a short period of time and then get hard and cool down. You have to keep massaging them to keep them working. I would rather use the hot hands for 8 plus hours of heat.

From: LBshooter
cincinnatiHad those and great for about 15 mins, but then nothing. Go get yourself some Hot Hands body war,er size, heat for 18 hours, they are the best out there. Bass pro has them for $10 a bag.

From: Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder's embedded Photo
Meat Grinder's embedded Photo
I bought these several years ago. As KC and LBshooter have said, they get warm for a while, but don't maintain their heat long enough to last through an entire sit IMO. But it's cool watching the chemical reaction. I'll stick with the Hot Hands.

The heat pack on the left is what they look like before being activated. The one on the right was activated, and as they cool, they solidify. Boiling them softens them and makes them ready to use again.

I tried them for awhile but ended up screwing them up in the process of boiling them....

I just buy the disposable ones by the box now.....

From: KC
couple of years ago Wally world had a clearance sale on the hot hands. One dollar a bag of 10. I bought 5 bags. My buddy bought 20 bags. We are good to go for awhile. I use the hand ones in my boots when I go steelhead fishing. I just open them up a half an hour before I put them in. They are still hot when I get home

From: Jaquomo
Same here.

KC, tell your buddy not to wait too long to use the Hot Hands. They have a shelf life and will go bad even inside the sealed pouches. I bought a bunch on sale once and by the end of year 2 half of them were hard. No telling how old they were before going on closeout.

From: Rock
2x Lou, the longer you have them the more of them that will go bad.

From: oldgoat
I haven't had Hot Hands go bad sitting around, but ones riding around in bow case and back pack go bad cause the packs get little wear holes, maybe I've been lucky though!

From: Stryker
I use the toasty toes which are same brand as hot hands. I shoot trad and wear glommets with a wool glove on my non shooting hand and same on my shooting hand except my three fingers cut off for my glove. I put a pair of toasty toes in each of the glommets that have an adhesive back so that when I fold it back over my fingers are getting heat on both sides. I do the same for my feet by putty my base layer socks on then adding the toasty toes on bottom and top the putting my top pair of socks over them. I hunt late season whitetail in Wyoming with my bow and this setup has always allowed me to sit all day. Always carry some extras in case some my toasty toes start to not keep up. As for boots I use artic pro mucks.

They had those in the 90's.

I remember walking to stand back then and discovering the disc had been accidentally popped and they had already run through their cycle and we're just cold hard bricks .

Use hot hands now. So much better.

From: eddie c
my chiropractor used to give out those. they last just the right amount of time for muscle relaxation, about 20 minutes tops. you could freeze them for a cold pack or snap them for a hot pack.

From: sitO
Pro tip: If you use the "Hot Hands" pouches for less than the 8-10 hours, or recommended time, put them in a zip lock and squeeze out all air. They have been "re-usable" for up to 2wks for me.

From: APauls
^^^^This works, and mine routinely go bad on me for not using them in short enough time. Seems like I always buy a pack, use one or two in the season, and then they go bad before the next time I use them.

From: Ogoki
Just a thought of what I do. I can stay warm down to single digit ,without a problem, except for my hands . I saw some glove / mittens at Wal-Mart for around $20. Bought a pair. They have a pouch in the mitten part for a Hot Hands . Have worked out real well. My wife and buddy now swear by them. Can easily slip my hand out on my release hand . Another thing I do is buy the green wool Army surplus liner gloves. The surplus store also sells a mitten ,that the glove will fit right into. Put a Hot Hands in the mitten and then my hands are usually in my pocket . Pull gloves out of mitten and take the shot. I buy the larger size mitten ,so the gloves are not tight in the mitten. Works for me. I love hunting January. Nobody else hunting around here during that time .

From: Brotsky
The packs of Hot Hands or others have an expiration date on the back. I've found them to be less and less usable as that date approaches. If it's less than a year to expiration I look for another package. The older they get the less time they last and the less heat they put out in my experience.

From: midwest
You guys buying in bulk may want to try to vacuum pack some while still leaving in the package and see if they last longer. Not sure, just thinking...

From: Bowfreak
Good idea Nick.

From: moon
I use the large HotsnapZ back warmers that go in a belt with a pocket across your lower back. Its what keeps me out there in the really cold weather. The hand warmers don't last long enough and are heavy. I don't activate the back warmers until I start to chill , you will sweat if you try to hike with them.

From: t-roy
I use the Thermacare heat wraps for the same thing, moon. They really help keep your core warm.

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