Small but helpful processing cleanup tip
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From: Meat Hunter
I may be the last person to have figured this out, but boiling water does wonders to take congealed fat, blood and hair off your knife post processing. I used to struggle mightily using soap and water. Now I put the kettle on the boil, knife in the sink and in a few minutes boiling water poured directly on the knife takes everything off. I know, Lincoln was shot.

From: APauls
Even just hot tap water is good enough no need to boil. Just hold it under the tap for a few seconds.

From: Elkoholic
I cover all counter spaces that I’m going to use with Saran Wrap before I start also. Makes counter and table clean up a snap.

I have a complete old kitchen set up with counter top in my garage. I have cutting boards and also use a sanitizer, to keep things clean. always have boiling hot water in bucket, for rinse off of knives as I work, etc,,,,,,

I also live out in the country, very few if any neighbors, can burn a carcass in my outdoor incinerator if I want to,,,,,,,, the song birds and my cat eat good

From: jrhurn
Our processing area at the farm has an old propane burner set up, think turkey fryer. Part of setting up is water and a drop or two of dish soap in the pot. Turn on the fire and let it come up to temp. We have hot water to wash our hands, clean knives and use to rinse the table when complete.

A must have. Use a camp stove or some other method, but must have hot water while processing.


From: Franklin
If you use the "boil method" just be sure to keep your knife handles out of the water. I won`t even put my knives in a dishwasher.

A 2-3 mil clear plastic painter's tarp from Home Depot overs my entire surface, and just one item to roll up and throw away. If you vacuum seal your cuts/grind/sausage, purchase the pre-made bags. A lot faster than cutting and making your own. A little more money than the rolls, but it is definitely a time saver. A Sharpie to mark the items before packing in the freezer. Always scrambling to look for one, have it part of your processing kit, ready to go when you need it.

One thing we do at the finish of every animal is be sure that we get ALL the scraps, bones, hide, head, whatever back to some place out where nature can finish anything we leave. Please don't throw your leftovers in a land fill. Let ALL of the animal get used in some way by nature.

From: M.Pauls
Yeah my carcasses get “used up” by coyotes at a precisely measured 180 yards from my kitchen window :)

From: LINK
Lol. Then the crows get the coyotes.

From: wild1
FWIW, one the best things I ever did was buy a used (craigslist) stainless steel sink for the garage - the foundation for all my processing.

From: t-roy
I thought you Canucks measured in meters, or is that metre?!!

From: 1boonr
I think the only thing that will eat a coyote is maggots or turkey buzzards

From: dirtclod Az.
Or Steve Rinella!

From: greg simon
I saw that episode. Steve said it was not very good and he would not eat coyote again!

From: jdbbowhunter
After skinning deer,I go over with propane torch to singe off any hair on the meat.

From: drycreek
After gutting, I take them to my processor :-)

From: M.Pauls
T-Roy just the liberal ones :)

I also have the grinder parts to contend with so I put hot water in the sink with dawn soap and soak. Works great. Boiling water does work great though, but you don't have to go all the way to boiling.

From: deerslayer
LOL.... 180 yards.... A thinking man's thinking man. Did a certain non-residents deer carcass produce any results?

Some great tips here. I really like the 3 mil plastic idea. My wife will thank you for it!

To help clean the grinder, I save up any old bread or crackers in the freezer and then run them through after the last grind. This not only pushes the last bit of meat through, but makes the blades and plates much easier to clean. -Cheryl

From: KSflatlander
An Apple or potato through the grind at the end works good too

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