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I wanted to post a general thank you. In the day to day BS and monotony of life, I often jump on the bowsite to read various threads. It is truly nice to know that there is still a community of people that enjoy the same interests. So, thank you bowsite for providing a virtual channel for us to come together and thank you fellow bowsiters for all the various opinions, insights, gear reviews and comical relief that is needed.

From: yooper89
I am with you on this one. Bowsite is one of my little 'escapes' throughout the day and I can honestly say I look forward to reading new and updated threads. My boss might say I spend a little too much time perusing, but that's just one man's opinion!

I with you, Thank you all. Each day I open Bowsite to check news, my hunting interest and learn a lot from bowsiters.

From: Will
Agreed - I spend WAY to much time on here... Fun place - especially the state forums.

I agree . Bowsite has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends. Thanks Pat.

From: drycreek
I'll pile on. When it comes to sheer knowledge, this site can't be beat ! Lots of "characters" I enjoy also ! :-)

From: Brotsky
There's only one guy that's better than this site. That's saying something Pat! :-)

The connections of bow hunting friends and places I’ve been able to go in North Anerica is just beyond belief. I am so lucky to have Bowsite. Pat has created something way bigger than he knows! C

From: otcWill
X2 Hunt and Charlie. The connections and friendships I've made here have made life sweeter

From: fastflight
I couldn't agree more. And we could all take a page from Cohoythunter and say thanks for the things we appreciate. Most guys, including me, dont express our appreciation enough.

From: Treeline
Definitely have enjoyed the Bowsite a lot since the late 90’s when Kurt turned me on to it:-).

Still need to put a bunch of faces to names and hope to do so at P&Y in April!

Worlds of experience here with a ton of information that used to take many, many years to figure out before the Bowsite.

Thanks, Pat!

From: Zebrakiller
Good things happen here!

From: grape
Bowsite is a huge part of my early mornings ..Thank you all and Merry Christmas to all.

From: Paul@thefort
As stated, the very reasons I have been on Bowsite. com since the start. my best, Paul

From: kota-man

From: ACB
I post randomly, but I get on regularly. Thanks pat and all the Bowsite people. Merry Christmas , God Bless you all and God Bless AMERICA .

From: INbowdude
Met some of my best hunting buddies and friends on the Bowsite. Also inspired me to create the Porkapalooza (with help from Ahunter35)

From: midwest
Found Bowsite totally by accident when researching for an elk hunt. It's truly changed my life with the people I've met and the things I've learned.

Even though I still suck at killing elk! :-(

From: APauls
Best website on the web bar none. I feel like I know so many guys better than I probably do but it’s a cool brethren

From: longspeak74
I look forward to these threads everyday and have gained so much knowledge from so many. May the sun shine always on your back and the sun shine always on your face boys...Merry Christmas and the best of New Years.

From: SBH
Agreed. It's a very unique site. It's all about the people. I can't think of another site where Ive gotten as much info and help, this is the only one I frequent and hit daily. Its good to know there are others out there with the bowhunting itch the same way I have it and those who have been willing to share so much in helping other. I have been pushed, encouraged and shown what is possible due to you a lot of you guys on here. Thanks.

It's a pretty good place for sure. Where else can you get bow set up advice, Connecticut live hunts and manscaping advice all on one forum?

From: t-roy
Nothing that I can add that hasn’t already been stated above. Invaluable resource for many reasons. Thanks Pat!

From: cnelk
I know Ive drank a lot of booze with Bowsiters!


From: spike buck
This is about the 10th check in to Bowsite today. Its actually habit forming. Would be interesting to know how many different people visit each day. Charlie Rehor has a role in the success of Bowsite also..... I learned some.... okay, alot from C on Bowsite etiquette. C reminds me of my French teacher, stern when you miss behave!!! Pat has an AWESOME site.

I dont think ive ever met anybody on Bowsite but i feel like i could hunt with all you guys and have a great time. Not many of us bowhunters in California these days. Thanks to you all, you taught me alot and i appreciate every bit of it..

From: bowhunter24
Thanks Pat for all the work you have done putting this all together! Thanks to all the people who make it what it is... great stories, pictures, advice, tears and laughter.

From: TEmbry
Some of my best friendships have forged after meeting on these forums.

From: pav
Before Bowsite, I bowhunted the Midwest for whitetail deer (IN, IL, IA, KS, OH).

After finding Bowsite, my bowhunting horizons have expanded exponentially .....including (to date): elk, mule deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, moose, caribou and black bear (CO, UT, WY, MT, AK).

Is Bowsite a life changer? Absolutely!

Many thanks to Pat...and all the folks that make Bowsite great!

From: GotBowAz
Bowsite has become my daily fix. The stories and knowledge sharing amonst equally passionate archery hunters is top notch and for me, adds fuel to the fire. I appreciate all of the dialect even that of which I might disagree with. Thanks for a great sight Pat!

From: Scar Finga
I agree with all the above, I learn a lot on here everyday!

Thanks Pat and Thanks Bowsiters!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Agreed. Great resource and plenty of good people and information.

From: bow-hnt
Ditto to all of you! thanks

From: ElkNut1
Yes, I'm one that spends a bit too much time on here as well, heck I'm retired, it's one of my outlets! I do appreciate the fact it is here to converse & share with others!


Everything said above x 10. Some are friends and some are family (a few annoying cousins and in-laws) but all make a terrific community. Thanks Pat and Charlie and Merry Christmas everyone!

From: brettpsu
Since finding Bowsite my retirement funding is now hurting;-) Like Pav I only hunted eastern/midwestern whitetails before bowsite. Since, I've hunted elk x2, muley x3, mountain goat x2 and loved every second of it. A life changer for sure.

From: njbuck
The good- I have met some great friends through Bowsite and have also been on some great hunts do to it.

The bad- Reading about others amazing adventures has planted a lot or ideas in my head, and some of those ideas are expensive. maybe if I didn't spend so much time on here I would be able to afford some of those adventures, lol.

From: Mark Watkins
What my wife started calling eight years ago..."my internet friends" has evolved into some great friendships, a learning resource, and many epic adventures!

Thanks for making this happen Pat!


Agree with all! Group hug!!!

I had a fellow from here reach out to me and for me in a very tough time in my life this summer. He knows whom he is. I appreciated that immensely. Love my friends on bowsite!

From: mountainman
Agree with everything above. I check bowsite several times a day.

I have met a few of you at the St. Louis meet and greet, and hunted with a couple of you. Hope to meet even more of you in Omaha. There are some genuinely good people on here that greatly overshadow the couple duds.

From: elkmtngear
My name is Jeff, and I'm a Bowsiteaholic. :^)

Merry Christmas to all you crazy Bowhunters!

From: Mt. man
Met a couple good eggs here over the years. Oh and Nick! Bwahahahaha!

From: buzz mc
Same here. I get on Bowsite probably more often than I should. If I'm trapped in the office for the day, it helps to be able to live these hunts vicariously through others. I also want to give a big thank you to the guys that choose to post their hunts here instead of submitting them to the magazines. I know Bowsite doesn't "pay", but the stories are very much appreciated.

I've also met several guys that I've hunted with and become good friends with. Bowsite may be a negative influence for my work life, but its definitely a positive in my overall life.

From: Predeter
Couldn't agree more. I've been on bowsite for 18 years. It has been a huge influence on my bowhunting experience! I have gone places and done things I never would have if not for reading threads here about other members adventures. This is the premier bowhunting resource on the internet!

From: bighorn
Agree with everything said. Don't know any of ya, what a Great Group of People! Thanks Pat!

From: deerslayer
I spend more time on the BS than any other internet site. A ton of fun to read stories and have a wealth of knowledge in everything from gear, to tactics, to politics;) Count me in with the crowd who has met some great friends through BS.

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