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Walker ranch moffat county CO
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GenO 03-Dec-18
otcWill 03-Dec-18
Treeline 03-Dec-18
KHunter 10-Dec-18
Jaquomo 10-Dec-18
Treeline 10-Dec-18
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SDHNTR(home) 10-Dec-18
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Billyvanness 11-Dec-18
From: GenO
I have been told to check out Walker Ranch NW of Craig CO. I cannot find their website so can someone provide some contact information and or location coordinates?

From: otcWill
Bring your check book. Giant bulls and bucks for the super wealthy hunter. Sorry I don't have a contact.

From: Treeline

Treeline's Link
Contact Jimmy Horton 936.635.0929

Link below to elk hunting in NW CO

From: KHunter
Cost is not THAT bad. I paid for access the first year they greatly reduced number of hunters allowed to hunt the ranch and increased price back when had the archery tag in 2010.

Worth a call to Jimmy.

From: Jaquomo
In 2013 he was asking $3500 for the whole archery season, including use of the cabin. After I declined, he called back a couple weeks before the season and offered it for $1500. I didnt take him up on it, but considering its a once-in-a lifetime tag now, $3500 for the ranch plus cabin use is pretty inexpensive on the grand scale. Especially for someone from PA with limited scouting ability.

From: Treeline
Lou has great advice! They will also help out with where the elk move across the ranch and water holes that the elk are hitting.

From: Huntcell
If I get lucky in the draw, I may give Jimmy a call if I can’t talk Lou out of retirement.

From: SDHNTR(home)
$3500 for season long access on that ranch is a steal! I’d be astonished if it’s still that cheap.

From: Brun
This season [2018] the advertised price was $3500 for access for archery season plus $750 for the cabin. It's an excellent deal if you draw the tag in my opinion. As Lou mentioned earlier, he will usually make a deal if he doesn't sell all the spots. It may seem unlikely he wouldn't sell out , but remember that there are generally only 10 archery tags in the whole unit, and 2 of those are landowner tags, usually not on Walker Ranch. That leaves only 8 possible hunters to sell to, and many, as Lou and Treeline have discussed before, choose to hunt on their own in the rest of the unit. In any case, it's certainly worth considering for anyone who draws the tag.

Prices will be same as last year $3500 trespass fee and $750 for cabin use. Solid deal for some of the best elk hunting anywhere.

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