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Draw cycle and ease of draw
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From: peterk1234
I am still shooting my 2005 Bowtech Old Glory. I upgraded the rest and sight on it last year, and have kept up with new strings over the years. The bow continues to treat me well. Shoots broadheads, any broadheads, perfectly. But I told myself a year ago that I would seriously consider a new bow in 2019.

So here is my question. Should I expect the draw cycle to be much improved and will a new bow of same draw weight be easier to draw? I am not worried about quiet and dead in the hand stuff. My 2005 bow is plenty quiet and I certainly cannot feel any vibration. New bows are certainly better in those categories, I'm sure. However, a game changer would be if it was easier to draw at the same weight. When it is cold out and I am hanging in a tree for several hours, I would be lying if I said it takes a bit of extra oomph to pull the bow back. Pete

From: Proline
I was shooting a 2008 bow tech general for years and but a bowtech btx. Night and day difference. Haven't shot the general since.

From: Ucsdryder
One easy way to find out!

From: JTV
I'm still with my 2006 Allegiance as the main bow, it is as fast as any of the new ones out there and I shoot it wonderfully, I get 305 fps at 30" draw/smooth mods at 62 lbs with a 380 gr Velocity XT 340, Im very happy with that and it blows thru any deer I come in contact with .. ..... 2004 Patriot as the back up ..... Ive been thinking about getting the Ally re done in Kolorfusion Predator Fall Gray .... Ive got new Barnsdale limbs on it, so it would be like new, I just aint spending $1000 on a new bow, and I wont buy used ... Kolorfusion is under $300 I believe ...

From: BTM
If two bows have the same max draw weight, the one with the slower IBO speed rating should be easier to draw (assuming both bows are equally efficient, of course). It has to do with the shape of the force-draw curve, usually because the front wall will be steeper on the faster bow. And--as Ucsdryder alluded to--there's no better way than to try them.

From: Matt
I've come to the conclusion that the relative comfort of a draw cycle predominantly related to what you are used to.

Try the Realm X or the Realm SS. I bought the Vertix for other reasons, but the Draw and accuracy on those two bows was everything they say it is.

From: peterk1234
Thanks for the comments guys. I plan to bring my bow to a shop after hunting season and compare. I have a special place in my heart for Bowtech. Trying to find a shop that carries a good selection near me has been a challenge.

JTV, love your post. I believe the Allegiance is the shorter ata version of my Old Glory. A great bow. I too have a 30 inch draw and similar poundage. It is a plenty quick. It seems that anyone who has owned our bows regretted selling them.

Realm SS is on the short list, but I too am struggling with over a 1000 bucks for a bow.

From: carcus
Check out the realm or realmX in comfort mode

From: GotBowAz
Realm's are very nice in the comfort mode. A little better than my Experience but I also own a 2005 Allegiance and the Experience has a way smoother draw cycle. JTV, Im glad you like your Allegiance, that bow is a killer but for me it has a harsh draw.

Agreed. The Realms are amazing to draw, and much easier to draw than a bow of that vintage. Also the Hoyts are unbelievable on draw cycle this year.

From: APauls
Or just get a Switchback XT. It's like pulling a hot knife through butter.

From: Brotsky
^^^This! I set my old Switchback up for my brother a couple weeks ago so he could get back into bowhunting. I felt like I about pulled the cams off the first time I drew it back it was so easy to draw compared to my current bow! Ha! Of course that is also due to the spongy back wall but that is another story!

From: 12yards
I don't think they will draw easier at the same draw weight. But, the beauty of the new bows is you'll get better performance than your Old Glory out of a lower poundage new bow. And for that reason they will draw easier.

From: Kodiak
Meh, Elite bows are the smoothest that I've drawn. No contest baby.

From: Hawkeye
Bowtech Realm

A lot has changed since 2005. I get a new bow every few to five years. Every time I hang on to my old one thinking I’ll still have it as a back up. But it always turns out I hardly ever shoot the older one and when I do it reminds me of how much nicer the new one is!

Go try out some bows

From: JTV
GotBowAZ, it depended on the year and the Module use, a few years, the draw was dependent on the cam's/no module ... the '06 had 2 modules, one was the Speed mod the other the Smooth Mod... I used the speed mod for a bit and yes, the draw was harsh, esp. in the cold, even at the 62lbs, so I found some smooth mods at my draw length and it was like a different bow, very pleasing to draw and hold, and I still get good speed... the speed mods gave it about 8-10 faster fps... I was at 314 fps with my arrows then, but the draw was a killer... not with those smooth mods, but still 305 fps is great .... I'm not ever getting rid of it ... it is one of Bowtech better bows, a classic to say the least, like a '69 Camaro ..

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