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summit treestand owners I have have ?
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rershooter 04-Dec-18
ground hunter 04-Dec-18
Will 04-Dec-18
Proline 04-Dec-18
raghorn 04-Dec-18
IdyllwildArcher 04-Dec-18
From: rershooter
I have a ? for summit treestand owners with "sd" sound dampening. I just bought a brand new Viper SD. The stand does seem " pingy " . I look down every tube as far as I can see, and I don't see any foam. I'm wondering if they messed up at the factory and the stand I got didn't get the foam applied. Can you guys see foam in the tubes on your stands?

mine is up in the woods, I have no idea, but I can tell you I did put on non slip pads from 3rd Hand and also stabilizer straps, they are a game changer from 3rd Hand.

What does not work is the Tree stand Transportation System on that stand. so I use that for my LW only,,,,,

I would like to know what type of straps for packing it, Summit uses in their advertisement, because I have never seen them for sale, at leas the ones in the ad....

From: Will
My Summit is old, from before SD was a thing they offered. Like early 00's. Still works great :)

Anyway, the couple times I've looked at the SD stands, I was thinking it was the surface covering that created the quiet vs tube filler? I know guys do that on their own - fill the tubes with expanding foam... But I always thought it was a special paint that created the SD? Perhaps not?

From: Proline
Correct. I have an SD its just the coating they put on the exterior. The tubes are hollow.

From: raghorn
Call Summit and ask them.

I have 3 and I've never seen foam

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