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Elk hunt, ambush stylel
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Dale06 04-Dec-18
midwest 04-Dec-18
WapitiBob 04-Dec-18
Treeline 04-Dec-18
Brun 05-Dec-18
Treeline 05-Dec-18
Inshart 05-Dec-18
Birdman 05-Dec-18
Treeline 05-Dec-18
PA-R 06-Dec-18
brettpsu 07-Dec-18
From: Dale06
Anyone have a recommendation for an elk outfitter that has hunts that are primarily sitting by water holes or wallows and ambushing elk? And also this criteria, private land, an area where 300” or better bulls are a very realistic possibility, and willing to pay top end for such a hunt. Thanks

From: midwest
Bet one of the AZ reservation hunts would fill that bill.

From: WapitiBob
If I was to pay for a hunt the only place I'd look is the Jicarilla.

From: Treeline
Talk to some of the outfitters in NM. The Gila units have plenty of good places to sit if you are so inclined. Easier to draw the outfitter tags than DIY. For a 300” kind of bull, you could look at the units around the Mescalero Reservation or North of the Gila.

Look into the Indian reservation hunts in NM and AZ, they can be spendy but they are typically targeting a lot bigger bulls.

From: Brun
You might also look at the Hill Ranch in Colorado. They are in the Ranching for Wildlife Program so the tags are guaranteed and as a resident the tag would only be around $46. The hunts are expensive, but probably not as much as the reservation hunts in New Mexico or Arizona. They definitely have lots of bulls over 300 inches. You would have to ask them about sitting water as a strategy, but if that's what you want to do I would imagine they could accommodate your wishes. I would also look at some of the outfits that guide in the northwest units in Colorado. Some have landowner tags, It's very dry country, so sitting on water is often an excellent strategy, and most of the big ranches control water holes up there. There are many bulls over 300 inches in all the northwest units. Lastly in Colorado I would look at Unit 40 outfitters. Again, some outfits have landowner tags, dry country good for sitting water and many bulls over 300 inches. Good luck!

From: Treeline
Just saw some landowner tags for Unit 10 in NW CO listed for $14,500... definitely not cheap!

Unit 40 could be good for water hole sitting. Not sure what those LO tags go for there. You can draw a tag there easier than the NW units for sure.

From: Inshart
Holy crap ..... $14,500.00, for the tag?????? WOW

From: Birdman
There's plenty of wealthy hunters out there not wouldn't blink at paying $ 14,500 for a prime tag. To bad everythings about the $$$. Us average Joe's will have to keep plugging away.

From: Treeline
There’s plenty that are more. Heard the Unit 2 LO tag went for quite a bit more...

From: PA-R
Kind of lot buying land, much rather have the land!!!!!!

From: brettpsu
Check with Mule Power here on Bowsite. I can't remember the outfitters name but I think it's triple S or triple 3 in Wyoming. They have a private ranch in the southern Bighorns and shoot dandy bulls every year.

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