Chasing Solitude - Christmas Special
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Herdbull 04-Dec-18
Shrewski 05-Dec-18
Herdbull 09-Dec-18
GLB 10-Dec-18
ground hunter 10-Dec-18
From: Herdbull

Herdbull's embedded Photo
Herdbull's embedded Photo
Buy a copy of my solo moose hunting film "Chasing Solitude" DVD or Blu-ray Disc, you will receive a copy of our condensed edition of "Primal Dreams" . There is no special code to enter, as I will handle all orders from , Offer good through the end of December. Order soon for a great Christmas gift. Mike

From: Shrewski
Both excellent films!

From: Herdbull

Herdbull's embedded Photo
Herdbull's embedded Photo
Don't forget to check out our new hats. Should make a nice stocking stuffer. Mike

From: GLB
Got this a few weeks ago. It's very well done.

I would buy a dvd of solitude if they threw in a hat.....

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