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Montana questions
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Scoot 05-Dec-18
HUNT MAN 05-Dec-18
IowaHawkeye 05-Dec-18
NoWiser 05-Dec-18
elkocd 05-Dec-18
IowaHawkeye 07-Dec-18
Trial153 07-Dec-18
Mule Power 07-Dec-18
From: Scoot
I need a little clarification on the MT app process. I thought I understood how the money/reimbursement part of it worked, but my buddy and I didn't think it worked the same way and I assume he's right.

I can now apply for a preference point in MT for $50. Plain and simple. Correct?

I can apply to MT for an LE unit and check the box that basically says "if I don't draw my LE permit I don't want to accept the general license." Here's our real question: if we do this and don't draw the LE unit, do we get reimbursed all of our money minus the cost of a preference point and some other fees or do we get reimbursed 80%?

Can someone please clarify?

From my understanding you will get all the money back minus your preference point. 50 dollars. With the way the draw has been last few years I think the preference point is a solid investment . Good luck . Hunt

From: IowaHawkeye
80%. This is because you drew the general tag, you just didn't draw your permit. Therefore you are returning your tag for an 80% refund. Your permit uses bonus points. You could just keep the tag and hunt general units and build bonus points for your permit area.

From: NoWiser
Wouldn't worry about it, Scoot. I'm predicting an AZ tag for you in the random draw this year! If it's ever going to happen, it will be this year.

From: elkocd
Can you elect to turn the general tag back in later and get the 80% back or is it only at time of draw?

From: IowaHawkeye
You have until Aug 1 for 80% refund. 50% refund from Aug. until start of season.

From: Trial153
Montana is insane with how overly complicated it is.

From: Mule Power
Yeah Trial and the bonus point system compared to ones like Wyoming preference points sucks too.

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