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Turkey road trip
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From: Scoot
I'm considering taking a road trip this spring with a couple buddies to hunt turkeys with our sticks and strings. One of my buddies wondered what states in the midwest allow two birds for each hunter and I didn't know the answer. MN, ND, and SD do not. What states allow a hunter to take a couple birds?

If any bowsiters have a more specific suggestion for me and have some thoughts or ideas what would be helpful, please PM me. Thanks much!

Mizzou does but i think u can only kill 1 bird the first week

From: Russell
Believe Nebraska allows three. Legal to kill all in one day too.

From: Glunt@work
Nebraska is 3 birds and you can buy tags on your phone with no printer

New York

From: Old School
Missouri allows 2 birds. We have a 3 week season but you can only kill 1 bird the first week. If you came the second week you could kill both birds that week - just not in the same day. Hunts end at 1 PM daily.


From: midwest
Nonresidents can't hunt turkeys in ND.

Nonresidents can only get one turkey tag in Iowa but it's a bargain at $227!


From: Bowfreak
Kentucky is not the midwest but you get 2 birds. Only one/day though.

From: Brotsky
Scoot, you can kill two birds in SD if you hunt the Black Hills. Get a shotgun tag to go along with your archery tag. You can fill the shotgun tag with your bow. There's also counties out west where you can get shotgun tags that can be filled with archery gear. Definitely multiple bird possibilities here. You could do western SD and western NE and kill up to 6!

From: pav
Going to be difficult to beat Nebraska for bird numbers and bowhunting opportunity. They offer an archery only season prior to the regular season. Lots of birds, three bird limit and very limited hunting pressure.

From: JohnMC
KS is also a good state that has a 2 bird limit

From: JohnMC
Find a couple of spots in two states near the state line. Get a tag in each state. That would be fun.

I am from OK. You can kill three there. How ever and I forget the details. But some counties you can only kill 1 bird other counties two.

I love Turkey hunting the first year I retire I want to do the 4 US species in one spring.

From: Cobie33
I hunted ND as a non resident on the Standing Rock Res. and two turkeys could be had.

Montana you can kill 2 birds and scout for elk. Let me Know if you need a lead or Two . Hunt

From: Nimrod90
Scoot, I hunt Kansas and Nebraska every year for last 7 years with a couple buddies. KS is 2 birds and Nebraska is 3 bird limit. We Shotgun hunt but you can kill em with a bow. All public land, always kill 3-4 birds apiece and we stay close to the state line so we can bounce back and forth if need be.

Kansas and Nebraska also both have early archery openers as well. Birds are still grouped up and once located can be very call friendly in first part of season. Good luck on your choice, feel free to contact with questions on Kansas!

From: Scoot
Thanks very much for all the replies I appreciate the info.

From: jdee
Kansas .. stop and pick up a Walk-in atlas at Walmart or any sporting goods store that shows all the leased open to hunting land in the state. Find a river bottom or a creek with trees and ag fields and you’ll find turkeys !!

From: buckeye
ohio has a two bird limit.

From: White Falcon
Texas, 4 birds.

From: Timbrhuntr
I used to do a swing through Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota,Wyoming and Montana every spring. Texas was great because you only had to buy a turkey licence for around 100 bucks and could kill 4 birds but tough to find public land and getting onto private can be expensive lots of birds though. NM had lots of public and was fun but out of the way when I stopped going to Texas. SD and Wyoming and Montana the public hunt was tougher just to find birds. If you find them they are fairly easy to hunt. Kansas and Nebraska I still go as it seems more birds and easier to get access plus the early bow season means less traffic.

From: Teeton
Lots of turkey In PA you can get two tags for about 150+- You my see a guy or two on a Saturdays.. But week days you might see a guy in 5 days. Tons of good places to hunt in the northeast part of the state.

From: Jims
Where I hunt gobblers in Nebraska they are super tough to get up close to during archery season. The archery season is often early prior to when the groups of turkeys start breaking up. Most of the toms tend to be "henned up" with large groups of hens and nearly impossible to coax to decoys. It's possible to stalk in front of the groups and hope they pass by but it's super challenging. The weather can also be pretty brutal during archery season and birds are tougher to locate. I can see where it may be an advantage to hunt public land during archery season before all the shotgunners are running around.

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