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Im looking for antelope buck cape
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IndianaMetz 06-Dec-18
Franklin 06-Dec-18
molsonarcher 06-Dec-18
Treeline 06-Dec-18
From: IndianaMetz
I shot an antelope last year my taxidermist cant use my cape due to it slipping any idea where I could get a cape?

From: Franklin
Go to Click on "forums"....then go to "for sale". You can enter the site as a need to be a member.

From: molsonarcher
I have one at the taxidermist right now that I’m not using. Pm me and I can give you the details. It just got back from the tannery.

From: Treeline
Got one in the freezer from this year if that doesn’t work out. Tried to give it away earlier and the guy didn’t come out to hunt so it’s up for grabs again.

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