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Wyoming... What would you do?
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From: Mule Power
Last year my 2 man party application had a 1 point average. That turned out to be 97% odds in the Special draw. So only 25 out of 867 applicants didn’t draw. I was one of them! Thanks to the suicide hotline and a leftover cow tag I am still here to type this.

This year we have a 2 point average. But I have a good friend with 1 point. I’d like him to join us but that brings us down to a 1.6666 average. Looking at last years odds that should’t be a problem. Of course 2 is a whole lot better though.

What would you do?

From: otcWill
Nothing I wouldn't do for a good friend.

From: tkjwonta
Just one man's opinion, but I would stick with the 2 point, party of 2. Then your third friend that currently has 1 point, could draw the tag with 2 points in 2020 and you can still tag along.

I would much rather go on more hunts even if I'm not the tag holder, but again, that's just me.

Go with two this year, have the guy with 1 point apply and if he doesn't draw, then all 3 apply in 2020 and by 2021 you have 1.66 again. I think my math is correct. Of course by 2021 it could take 3+ to draw.

You'll draw with 1.66

From: Bou'bound
Hunting is overrated friends are not

From: Scoot
As much as I love bowhunting, Bou is spot on!

From: Mule Power
I guess his odds are good enough with ine point. There’s always the leftover tag option too.

Next year I’m in board with two guy with 7 points each so not worried about that.

From: Treeline
OTC and Bou nailed it.

From: shiloh
Invite me and we will hunt 2 parties of 2!!

Take your buddy hunting!!! 1 caller and two shooters each set up, rotate who calls and who shoots... you'll cover more approaches and probably kill an elk that might have skirted you with only one shooter. Have a great trip and post up your success pics - especially for your buddy with one point! Pete

From: cnelk
I dont know what you would do for Wyoming, but I know what Im gonna do with my buddy for Wyoming this coming year

From: ElkNut1
otcWill, X2!


From: PSUArcher
So your trying to draw a general tag with 1.67 pts in the regular draw? Last year we didn’t draw with a 2.0 average

From: Bowfreak
He said special draw.

From: Surfbow
You say he is a good friend, if he's also a good friend you like to hunt with the decision should be easy...

From: Grasshopper
There is the random draw...apply as a party of 2, your buddy could pull a random tag as a party of one.

I have 8 points, looking for a guy with more points than me to lift me up for a great unit. Anyone interested? Full disclosure, my wife says I snore louder than a train, and you can hear it in the next county. I don't know what she is talking about, doesn't bother me in the least.

From: WapitiBob
Unless I had an above average gen unit to hunt and ample time to get 3 tags filled, I'd split the hunt over 2 years. $1,300 is a dam big tag to eat.

From: Glunt@work
In your shoes I would insist we put in all together. In your one point friend's shoes I would insist you and your other 2 point buddy put in and I'll take my chances alone. Everyone approaching it with a selfless attitude usually ends up paying off no matter which way you finally end up going.

From: Mule Power
Glunt you are wise. Friendship is a two way street. I told him to hop on board. But he said he’d be devastated if we didn’t draw. He’s a great guy and a really awesome solid dependable hunting partner that is definitely a joy to have along. He said his chances are too good in the Special to risk bringing us down. But I look at what happened to us last year and don’t want to leave him behind.

Bob I don’t know about the unit as a hole but I know about my holes in the unit. Loaded with bulls and I have 2 weeks to fill my tag and help my partners.

This season I’m going the extra mile too. Buying a spike tent and maximizing my time in the right places. Also expanding my horizons a bit. It’s not looking good for the elk!

From: DonVathome
Very likely you will draw. Little point creep.

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