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From: Aspen Ghost
I rarely if ever kneel while elk hunting and I'm wondering if I'm missing out on a valuable technique. Over the years, I've seen various statements in quite a few posts by skilled elk hunters on this forum that seem suggest that they are kneeling while calling and/or shooting.

So do you guys frequently kneel to call or shoot and what benefits do you get out of kneeling vs standing?

From: tobinsghost
Depends on the terrain and available cover. I've shot elk, miles and antelope doing both, so for me it just depends. I do practice it tho regularly.

I've lost elk because of kneeling and seen my dad lose a bunch because of kneeling. It's a bad idea most of the time IMO. If you have to move, you have to stand up, which is a lot of movement and takes time. And then there's the grass/brush problem. Better to use available cover and stay standing IMO.

I prefer to stand for a couple reasons. First off, it hurts like heck for me to kneel. Secondly, it’s easier for me to reposition for a shot if I need to.

That said, I killed my elk while kneeling this year. There was very little cover, so kneeling made me less conspicuous. Like most things elk hunting, I do what makes the most sense at the time...regardless of what I would prefer to do.

From: Treeline
Shot most if not all of my elk from at least one knee. Lower profile and better cover. It seems like I can see better under trees from a lower angle as well.

From: cnelk
I’ve killed a lot of elk while kneeling. My range is a bit extended by being able to shoot under the bottom branches.

But it’s getting more difficult to kneel very long anymore. By 15 mins my legs are tingling and falling asleep.

You younger guys will find out this stuff soon enough. :)

From: WapitiBob
I prefer it. Standing allows for moving but you get picked off easier.

I’m honestly 50/50 on it. And come to think I’ve never really practiced it at all. I guess I’ve just naturally adapted to the present situation as it presented itself. I will say I most likely missed the biggest bull I’ve had a chance at this year because I was kneeling and couldn’t move. I definitely feel like it has it’s place.

From: Quinn @work
Most of the elk I have killed I have been on my knees. Better view and they can't pick you out as easy. I agree with CNELK, it's getting harder every year due to getting older.

From: Whocares
I got caught in the wide open by a bull a year ago and dropped to my knees. He kept walking straight at me from about 150 yds. When he went through a dip at 50 yds I drew and he kept coming at a walk. He had already fallen in love with me I think so he was doomed. He got to 30 yards and stopped. Then turned to give me a shot still looking. The shot was good and he ran about a hundred yards and dropped dead. If I was standing up I doubt he would have come in.

From: Whocares

Whocares's embedded Photo
Whocares's embedded Photo
Here's that bull. Made a euro mount.

From: Whocares

Whocares's embedded Photo
Whocares's embedded Photo
And the end product. Had it dipped. Winter camo I think it's called.

From: huntnmuleys
I pretty much never Kneel. Then again, I’m only 5 foot 4, so I don’t look all that outta place even when I’m standing.

From: brettpsu
Depends what is between the elk and I. If I'm in thick cover I like to stand so I can quickly move left or right to clear trees/limbs. If it's wide open I do like to kneel.

From: LINK
Obviously elk can be killed either way but I’m with idyll. Opportunities could be missed either way as well but I think I’ll take the odds of standing. In Corey Jacobson’s video with the giveaway hunter I notice Donnie make him stand up once he kneeled in a setup. Kinda tells you wher they stand...pun intended.

From: SBH

SBH's embedded Photo
SBH's embedded Photo
I try to stay standing. I've lost out on opportunity being down in the past when I needed to move I was stuck. This year however, I shot two bulls while kneeling. Had no choice, was stuck in the wide open and only cover was sage brush. Both times i Kneeled down in front of it and shot from there. One had a very lethal result...the other time not so much. Need to make sure and practice from that position more.

From: Buglmin
When you kneel, it's harder to move and turn if you need to. And the way some guys draw a bow, kneeling makes it harder. We've always told clients to stand, so they can turn, twist and move with much less noise and movement. And I hate it when guys kneel behind a tree or behind brush.

From: elkmtngear
I've killed elk both standing and kneeling, probably a few more from my knees than standing. Depends on the situation...I practice both ways regularly.

From: Ermine
Kneeling limits you. I’ve had to drop to knee to get a shot before but I prefer to stand

From: ElkNut1
I kneel only when it's the best thing to do in that situation, other than that I prefer to be on two feet for a better view & mobility if needed & next to some sort of break up & not in front of it totally exposed or behind obstruction impeding my efforts.


I kneel but then again I'm 6'3" 220# add my pack, bow, etc and I don't blend in to most situations.

From: Ole Coyote
After having a stroke 4 years ago if I kneel down I would need someone to help me get back to standing as I have a left leg that no longer works very good. I was told walking would be tough and they are right I get tired often and need to take a break about every half hour as the one good leg gets tired! Oh well at least I am still alive thank God. Merry Christmas everyoneand bless you all !!!!

From: Ron Niziolek
I just looked back on my photos and tallied it up. Exactly 50-50 kneeling vs. standing. Pros and cons to both.

From: Kodiak
Probably 50-50.

I like to get low when I can, but it's not always possible.

From: APauls
I'm usually kneeling praying for things to work out. Gets very difficult in a tree stand

From: wilbur
Killed my last archery elk from my knees.

From: Ucsdryder
Last year I killed my bull standing. I am more accurate standing but I’m open to kneeling too. I try to be smart and stand/kneel based on terrain and conditions. If I have a good back stop I’ll stand, if there is tall grass I’ll stand. If it’s open I’ll kneel to break up my outline. Last year I was kneeling for about 10 minutes. Everything fell asleep and when it was time to stand and shoot I could barely get up.

From: Mark Watkins
wyobullshooter X 2!


From: Lost Arra
wyobullshooter x3

>>. Like most things elk hunting, I do what makes the most sense at the time...regardless of what I would prefer to do.<< sounds like Mike Tyson's response to his opponent having a plan. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"

From: goelk
50-50 but last three years standing.

From: DL
Being on my knees kept my legs from shaking. I would remember that I could turn to shoot at least 90 degrees but to to right very little while kneeling.

Kneeling and canting has killed hundreds of animals for me.

From: Treeline
Another advantage for trad bows:-)

I practice making shots from a kneeling position but as a matter of practice I stand.

From: GLB
I do the most practice shooting from my knees. I shoot a longbow and recurve and when calling for moose I find myself in a kneeling position to set up the shot.

From: Ziek
Obviously, it depends. But I take most of my shots from a kneeling position. My five largest elk were all killed while kneeling, as well as most other critters not taken from a tree stand.

From: fatbass
I have harvested 22 elk with my bow, and although I will frequently call and move 10 to 20 yards as the bull gets closer, once I'm setup to shoot with an arrow nocked I always try to draw from a kneeling position. I feel more stable at full draw and I think most elk looking for other elk are looking above you. I also think it's important to do whatever you feel the most comfortable doing.

From: dirtclod Az.
Lock and load kneel sight and shoot.With dry rounds .Over and over and over again. First Javelina... lock and Load,Kneel Sight Shoot. Left front leg go flying up the mountain.Next shot lock ,load ,kneel. Gut shot. Emptied my .308... Send a couple more slugs it shows you care.

From: GregE
Some great comments. I kneel when the situation dictates, but with two titanium knees I almost have to have a foam pad.

Terry / Yote 65 good to see you're still chasing ELK


From: TD
Kneeling or standing..... both, but probably more kneeling, one knee or both. As stated above, many times that will give some clearance under limbs and such. I practice both.

IMO some have problems kneeling because their bow is set up with too long a draw length. Need it fairly short to get that bow out in front of you, more squared up. You can swing and shoot at a much greater angle then too. Have never lost out on a shot kneeling that I might have had standing, unless maybe I was hiding behind something..... kneeling I'm normally backed up into a gap, sometimes under a tree (shade helps). No need to stand to shoot. Sometimes can't.

Wrestler knee pads under the pants. Nice and quiet, a bit of support and easier on old knees...... =D

From: GF
I make it a habit to practice standing, kneeling, twisted, canted and prone.

Kinda crazy to have to move your feet just to get a shot off...

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