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$100,000 fine for poacher
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drycreek 13-Dec-18
AH 13-Dec-18
sticksender 13-Dec-18
kota-man 13-Dec-18
skookumjt 13-Dec-18
thedude 13-Dec-18
TEmbry 13-Dec-18
Proline 13-Dec-18
BobH92057 13-Dec-18
Tempest 13-Dec-18
bowyer45 13-Dec-18
From: drycreek
Just read on TBH about an Alaskan poacher that was fined $100,000 for poaching three moose and leaving most of the meat. I don't have a clue how to post a link, but google Alaska moose poacher fined $100,000 and it should come up. Somebody smarter than me (wide open field) could post it.

From: AH

AH's Link

From: sticksender
From: kota-man
Finally a fine for a poacher that fits and will maybe act as a deterrent. AK doesn't mess around...

From: skookumjt
Truly a disgusting act but it's just as disgusting that rapists and murderers get less punishment.

From: thedude
I think they are going to extra mile to make an example of this guy with the problems they have down there and I think the fine is justified. Unfortunately I doubt they can squeeze a 100k out of this guy. I hope some of the fine money they do get goes back into habitat management.

He was the one dumb enough to get caught. The amount of illegal moose shot and left is absurd. I’m not convinced the 50/4 rule works as a management tool in many places and I wouldn’t be surprised if the KP ends up as a draw hunt. People are too stupid to drive let alone guesstimate 50 inches using an imperfect system while adrenaline is flowing.

From: TEmbry
Fine is too heavy in my opinion monetarily, the disgusting part is he only lost his license for 3 years....

From: Proline
We just had a guy busted on 65 counts including tag violations, shooting deer on other folks tags, illegal possession of pelts & mounts, hunting private property, cutting trees on said property, selling endangered species etc. He got one year loss of hunting license and $1800 fine. Guess Alaska is a bit more harsh.

From: BobH92057
This guy had just recently moved into town from outside. Pretty green. I’m sure he’ll be leaving or run out of AP once released.

From: Tempest
I don't know about jail time but I've always thought they should be sentenced to wearing downhill ski boots for 23 hours a day.

From: bowyer45
He must of been a US citizen to get a fine like that! lol

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