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From: Ole Coyote
Okay hunting with a tent I have a great bag to keep me warm down to like 2 below I used it in Alaska and it worked great as we had a small heater inside the cabinwhich kept us to about 20 above. question is what can i do when it is close to zero and no heaster to keep my face and head warm, what do you use???

From: NoWiser
Cinch the bag tight around your face so just your mouth and nose is exposed and you'll be good to go.

From: Bill Obeid
Use a fleece cap and pull your sleeping bag hood tight so just your mouth is exposed.

From: goelk
I wear a wool stocking cap and wool neck that i can pull up and covet my face.

From: Brotsky
I would definitely plan to sleep with a beanie or watch cap on at night. I have never worried much about my face in the cold. My mug has always been so ugly even the chill stays away! :-)

I always use a wind proof beanie to keep head heat loss to a minimum.

From: Rocky D
Wear a hat, don’t drink to much to prevent having to get up and pee. Sleep with clothes off and eat a snack prior to bedding down.

From: Amoebus
Balaclava will work well too if you don't have a mummy bag.

From: White Falcon

Fleece beanie and a hoody.

From: sticksender
Stocking cap and a wide mouth Gatorade bottle.

From: Mark Watkins
some good advice already given so I wont duplicate.

On a late season BC stone sheep hunt, I slept fully clothes and then added a down jacket and down pants. Stayed warm in an unheated one man tent down to -10F.


From: elkmtngear
Sticksender nailed it!

From: Ambush
Back pack hunt makes for a simple choice. Use the clothes that you have to carry anyway to do double duty at night and you can get by with a lighter sleeping bag. A neck gaiter and toque (if you're Canadian, eh) will keep your head, neck and face warm.

From: 320 bull
I just wear a stocking hat. Never much liked sleeping in my clothes but I do sleep in long johns. I used to use my bivy to keep my face warm but the last few years I just run with my head out anyway. Less condensation and I sleep better that way

From: Franklin
As you age every hunter needs to master the art of peeing into a bottle in a sleeping bag.

From: Kurt
Easier for Lou to pee in the bottle than some of us, especially if you wear your hunting clothes in the bag in cold weather like I do.

From: Muddyboots
If not a mummy bag, I drape a shirt or light coat over my head, including face as needed.

From: Bowboy
I use my KUIU wool beanie and neck gaiter. It's light and warm. I'm bald on top. Keeps me warm. You can also use a wool Navy watch men's cap.

From: Russell
Sleeping bag liners (silk, fleece, etc depending on temps) sure help. Silk ones don't weigh much either.

Get a fleece sleeping bag liner and wear a bunch of clothes to bed.

From: fatbass
After the kids got grown I splurged and bought 10 degree a 6'6" western mountaineering bag that weighs 1 lb 15oz. I have used this bag in heavy snow, freezing rain, best $530.00 I ever spent on hunting gear.

From: Paul@thefort
most sleeping bags I use have a built in hood and on really cold nights, like other have stated, a wool watch cap and the hood keep me really warm and comfortable. Also, I purchased a liner for my 17 degree bag and now it rates as a 0 bag. if needed.

I am not sure if wearing your out door cloths helps keep one warm inside the bag. I have worn long johns, top and socks. from more warmth.

From: GVS
I don't sleep very well if I am sucking cold air and my huge beak is cold so I put a hand towel over my face. This warms the air without adding condensation to the sleeping bag. A stocking cap is a must and then everything is just fine.

From: fishnride
I wear a hoodie with a unique hood design that works perfectly for cinching tight while sleeping. They are called Melanzana, a small handmade company from Leadville Co. you’d have to check em out to see what I mean.

From: Bow Bullet
My cold weather bag is a mummy bag. When sleeping in real cold, say 10 degrees and colder, I don't like it when my nose gets cold and I hate to cinch the mummy hood down to where I've only got a blowhole. So it's definitely a balaclava for me.

From: fisherick
Use a mummy bag, fleece balaclava, wool stocking cap, wool socks and keep a 1/2 - 1 gallon, largemouth, screw top bottle available. Also a good insulated sleeping pad and if on a cot place a duffle bag, clothes, etc. underneath cot to prevent cold air circulating.

From: Ole Coyote
Thanks folks appreciate the ideas! Stay well.

From: LKH
Coldest I've slept is -38 F in the back of a pickup canopy with the door propped open. Was afraid body moisture would freeze the door shut. Put a very good Eddie Bower down bag inside a cheap rectangular bag with the zippers facing opposite directions.

Real issue was getting the high density pad under me warm. Took about an hour.

From: kota-man
Coldest Tent Sleep: -25 Polar Bear Hunting... Had a Mountain Hardware -50 bag zipped as far as it would go and an insulated BA Q Core Pad. Wore stocking cap, neck gaiter, base layer, super down pants and top. Wall tent w/ Tyvek floor sheet on the ice pack. No heater. As long as the bag stayed zipped, I was fine. One night the bag unzipped a bit and I thought I was going to die. I woke up shaking uncontrollably. I rolled around a bit, zipped it back up and finished the night. You can get a lot out of a good bag.

From: 76aggie
Wool, wool, wool. I sleep in wool watch cap, merino wool base layer and wool socks. Do not ever make the mistake of going to sleep in wool socks that have even a hint of moisture in them. Change out socks to sleep in and wear them the next day. With a -20 bag and wool, I have no trouble staying warm.

From: badbull
What LKH does works for me especially when in the back of a pickup. I use the head and face covers as others have stated as well. As an old guy, l find that l can't dress too warm to sleep when it snows.........badbull

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