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3 fawns and a doe
Mule Deer
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Coyote 65 15-Dec-18
dirtclod Az. 15-Dec-18
Matt 15-Dec-18
From: Coyote 65
Was out this morning 2nd day of otc deer hunting in AZ and had a doe with 3 different sized fawns with her. One and two were the size of fawns that you normally see this time of year, but number 3 was a peewee. It was half the size of the other fawns. It was also fawn red with spots, but looked to have a winter coat instead of being slick like they normally are with spots. If I had to guess I would say it was about a month old.

There were no other deer with her and fawns, just all out there by their lonesome.

Anyone see anything like this before, I never have?


From: dirtclod Az.
No, lived in Az.all my life.Saw a fawn chased by a Coyote in Aug. Chased Coyote away. Maybe fawn was from another Doe?

From: Matt
Probably another doe's fawn. Are they rutting yet? Seems early, but often fawns get kicked out when momma is being dogged by a buck.

Here in CA we have observed fawns births being more spread out, perhaps due to climate change? Could be something similar as to why the fawn is so young.

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