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Hunting jackets for tall people
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Passthrough 16-Dec-18
12yards 16-Dec-18
Rick 3 16-Dec-18
RamDreamer 16-Dec-18
Russell 16-Dec-18
mgmicky 17-Dec-18
Fuzzy 17-Dec-18
GhostBird 17-Dec-18
otcWill 17-Dec-18
JeepNJesse 17-Dec-18
BTM 17-Dec-18
stagetek 17-Dec-18
JohnMC 17-Dec-18
Brotsky 17-Dec-18
RCDuck 17-Dec-18
Bonafide 17-Dec-18
Timbow 17-Dec-18
Bowriter 18-Dec-18
Passthrough 26-Dec-18
pointingdogs 26-Dec-18
From: Passthrough
Hello, I am looking for opinions on Hunting jackets/parkas in the tall category. My jacket is over 12 years old. Time to upgrade. So many choices out there its hard to decide so I figure why not ask other hunters?!?! I am looking for windproof, waterproof, inner shell and outer shell(2 piece preferably),fleece/wool/berber lined, quiet exterior, have a hood, and must be made for someone tall. I hunt MA and CT. I need a jacket/parka for temps that range from 40° to 0° and below sometimes. I always layer with thermals and hooded sweat shirts.

Thanks for your input.

From: 12yards
In for this. I'm not tall, but have a long torso.

From: Rick 3
I found out this year that my Browning outer coat is in need of retirement after 12 years too, so I am waiting to hear some good recommendations also.


From: RamDreamer
Gary at Day One Camouflage would be a good person to talk to. They can customize their parkas in a number of ways. I have a number of his pieces that all work for me and I'm tall. My wife, also tall, practically lives in the parka he customized for her (and we bought her a back-up a couple of years ago in case the original ever wears out - which there is no sign of yet even after years of use).

From: Russell

Russell's Link
I would contact Day One Camo and see what they can do.

The fleece pants and two jackets i have worn hard for the past 6+ years are still in great shape and most likely will outlast me.

From: mgmicky
How tall is tall? I’m 6’ 3” and really like the First Lite Woodbury jacket. It’s very quiet for how warm it is and the perfect treestand jacket for our coldest sits (low 20’s) in NC

From: Fuzzy
same as 12 yards, not tall (5'11") but short legs, long torso long arms. I like my Filson Cruiser

From: GhostBird
First Lite have longer sleeves in the bigger sizes. I have a medium weight merino wool full zip top, don't know the name, but think sweater. It has plenty of length in the sleeves as well as the torso for me and I am tall with long arms. It is one of my favorite layers. I hate having sleeves that are too short. I haven't tried their jackets, but the size chart shows longer sleeves as you go up in size. You might take a look at First Lite.

From: otcWill
I was going to recommend the FL Woodbury as well. It fits your description perfectly. Great piece for stand hunting

From: JeepNJesse
Following as well...

From: BTM
I'm long-waisted and have used Cabela's for most upper-body garments. None of the high-end outfits have tall sizes (that I've found, anyway). It's just as well, because my wallet's a tad thicker as a result.

From: stagetek
At 6'7" and 255 lbs. I know the problems you're having. Try BIG Camo.com

From: JohnMC
Get a Trench coat for a short or average person problem solved!!

From: Brotsky
If you are a tall and skinny guy Kuiu has an excellent fit for that build. Two of my closest hunting buddies are both in the 6'3"-6'5" range and rave about the fit!

From: RCDuck
You didn't say how tall.... but I'm 6'3" with about a 6'8" wingspan.... the First Lite Woodbury fits me well. I think they are replacing it with an updated mid-weight model in 2019.

From: Bonafide
Pnuma has regular & tall versions of everything with Iifetime warranty.

From: Timbow
I'm 6'4" with 80" wingspan and First Lite Sanctuary and Woodbury fit me great. I can't recommend their stuff enough.

From: Bowriter
Day One Camouflage-Gary can make whatever you want.

From: Passthrough
Thanks for the responses. I'm 6'3" not sure on wingspan. I just know regular fit is always too short. I contacted day one a week ago. Waiting for a response.

From: pointingdogs
At 6'2" at usually just go with the "tall" size jacket. One thing that I would recommend. If it's too short at the waist (as with me sometimes) go with a nice pair of "bibs" underneath. Never have to worry about that jacket sliding up and you getting a cold waist. Love bibs with a jacket over the top :)

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