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Mystery Ranch Pack question
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Horn Donkey 20-Dec-18
From: johnny
Guys, been on this site for awhile don't ask many questions. What might be best combo day pack elk meat hauler pack out there? Thanks in advance! Looking at Mystery Ranch but open to any other suggestions as well.

From: Trial153
The pintler or the pop up 18/28

From: stringgunner
I really like the Stone Glacier 5900 with X-curve frame. I doubt I will change for a long time. I would look at in addition to mystery ranch, Stone Glacier, Exo, and Kifaru.

From: Surfbow
The Pintler is awesome...

From: arky
I have a metcalf and love it. Got plenty of room but can suck down. Great all around pack

I use the Stone Glacier Xcurve frame with different bags and love it. But the Mystery Ranch packs are on sale on many sites right now.

From: Scar Finga
I have the Pop-Up 18 and it is a good little pack. Pretty small but very well built. It's a good single day pack. It's not big enough for more than that, but I have a Horn Hunter Full Curl if I am going to bivy hunt for more than a day.

From: Huntosolo
Selway Mystery Ranch perfect for multi-day hunt.

From: Barrera
Check out the Kifaru Fulcrum.

From: kota-man
Huge fan of the SG 5900 on the XCurve here as well. Folds up into daypack mode into a 3000+ ci pack and lighter than a comparable MR product. With the load shelf it will carry as much as you can. I LOVE the MR Metcalf, but it is heavy for what it really is. Kifaru makes an awesome product as well. You really cannot go wrong with any of these three brands. Really about what fits your needs. As I get older, the weight of my pack has gotten to be a bigger deal! :)

From: AT Halley
Don't leave out seek outside either. They have a comparable pack to the 'big 3' that is very lightweight.

From: pikemaster
I use the Pintler for my day hunts. It has been a great pack so far.

From: stringgunner
Is the Pintler a gold option for 1-3 nights?

I’ve been Looking at that pack for my dad who doesn’t want to pay over 500. Though the mystery ranch I’m not liking that lack of versatility. Like you get with a Stone Glacier (what I have) or a Kifaru. No option for just being a meat hauler like the SG, Exo with beaver tail, or Kirfaru with a cargo panel or something.

From: johnny
Thanks guys for all the input. I'll have to look into some of these other packs as well. I never heard of Stone Glacier. This all started when I shot my first bull last bow season a descent sized 6 X 6 with my hunting buddy close by. He had an eberlestock I forget which model but all I had was my badlands day pack for the first load out. Needless to say I packed out with a gunny sack 3.5 miles. I had heavier pack for the second load but want a two in one so to speak.

From: Sean D.
I bought the pintler just before heading out to CO this year. Hauled out a rear quarter for a buddy and a few days later hauled out a front quarter for another buddy and added all the loose meat to mine after another buddies pack broke halfway back to camp. I had intended to sell it and get a kifaru when I got back but decided to keep it. Im still gonna get a kifaru though to try out

From: WapitiBob
Buy the frame of your choice and add a small bag for day pack stuff. Partner and I designed a bag for our stone glacier frames for shedding and hunting; about 1500 ci.

From: elk yinzer
The MR pop-up is dang near perfect as a day pack that can haul a load out, but for packing a whole elk-sized load out I would wish for more frame. Even though the 18 and 28 packs are meh.... the frame is almost tits. Just needs a bigger bag option and maybe just a weeeee bit more frame but the collapsible thing is perfect.

I haven't touched all the fancy Western frames but....

I've tried all the MR and Kifaru frames.....for some reason Kifaru just doesn't fit me well.....also, didn't like an earlyish version of Exo my brother has....., and have yet to try SG or SO which are two that look great to me. And anything else. And I actually prefer the MR nice to guidelight in ways but they didnt ask me.

From: stringgunner
I really like my SG x curve and 5900, I also purchased a Kifaru cargo panel for hauling treestands in to set them up and take them down. The cargo panel works great on the SG x curve frame. One of the things I really appreciate about the versatility of the SG and Kifaru frames.

From: Horn Donkey
Just an observation, but I would wait to purchase until after Christmas. Lotta folks getting new gear who will be offloading on Ebay, etc. If you're looking to spend sub $500, you can get a gently used pack all day.

I went with the Exo-Mountain Gear 3500. Most comfortable hauling pack that I've ever put on. Was really stuck between the MR Pintler and went with the Exo for the roll-top extra storage and the extra large side pockets.

From: PREZ
I have a Pintler and it is perfect for what you want.

From: Horn Donkey
There's an MR Metcalf pack at the top of the Classified section here on Bowsite right now. $375.00.

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