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From: mat1739
wanting to try my hand at making homemade deer bologna.

Just looking for some good recipes out there and/or any tricks you like to use.

Will probably put some high temp cheese in as well.


From: grubby
Ive been tweaking this one for a while and I like it

25 pounds meat (I use 50/50 for this one..... fat is good) 12 oz tender quick,

1 1/2 oz pepper,

3/4 oz coriander,

1/4 oz mace,

1 0z mustard seed, 1 1/2 tbsp lowrys, 1/2 tbsp onion salt,

1/2 tbsp garlic salt,

1 1/4 quarts water,

2 cups nonfat dried milk.

Stuff in 32 mm collagen casings

Dry at 110 for 1 hr (no smoke) Smoke for 2-3 hrs at 170 Finish to internal temp of 155, I do this in an electric roaster filled with water Cool in ice bath

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Never been disappointed with any of Curley's seasonings yet.

From: jmiller
I always get mine from Curley's. Fantastic seasonings!

From: bdfrd24v

Do you mix 50/50 with fatty pork then?

From: grubby
Yes, I generally mix 50/50 depending on just how fatty it is.

From: squirrel
Made an experimental batch of 12.5 lbs grubby. VERY close to what I was raised on back in PA made by the packing plant locally. A good recipe for sure.

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