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Guide for BIG pronghorn
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2bears1757 17-Dec-18
9er 17-Dec-18
t-roy 17-Dec-18
Dale06 17-Dec-18
critrgitr 17-Dec-18
5575 17-Dec-18
Will 18-Dec-18
StickFlicker 19-Dec-18
BowmanMD 20-Dec-18
StickFlicker 21-Dec-18
Forest bows 21-Dec-18
From: 2bears1757
What outfitter would you book with for really big pronghorn?

From: 9er
Pronghorn guide service. “Nuff said

From: t-roy
Do they guide bow hunters or just snipe them with rifles?

From: Dale06
I’d look to New Mexico or Arizona, but I don’t know archery guides there.

From: critrgitr
What 9er said^^^. The guys at pronghorn guide service put hunters on some of the best bucks taken every year in multiple states. They should be at the top of your list to hunt monster pronghorn. I’ve never talked to them, and don’t know how they do with bow hunters but one phone call would figure that out. Even if you don’t hunt with them you should watch their 2 judging videos. They have a lot of good info on field judging big bucks.

From: 5575
Pronghorn guide service no one else comes remotely close. They have broken the world record more than once and thier hunters have like 90% of the top 50 antelope in the record book. That and Tony and Eli are really good folks that live and breath giant antelope!

From: Will
I am also searching for a guide service. Not totally interested in giant trophies but need a hunt with a high probability of a draw for the 3 of us.

From: StickFlicker
The states that have the largest antelope are difficult to obtain tags in. Hunting antelope in Arizona takes a LOT of bonus points, usually. New Mexico you can buy land owner tags.

From: BowmanMD
I hunted rifle with Tony and Eli and they are great guys. I first talked to them about going archery and I got the impression that they weren’t real interested in guiding bowhunters. Wouldn’t hurt to ask them. They are definitely the best when it comes to big antelope and they were fun to hunt with. My buddy and I both killed B&C bucks in a mid-tier Wyoming unit with them.

From: StickFlicker
Tony told me the other day that Eli is something like 1 in 8 on his own personal archery antelope hunts. I'm sure he's pretty picky though.

From: Forest bows
Four J outfitters

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