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$20 primos quickshot trail camera
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T Mac 17-Dec-18
Boone 17-Dec-18
CAS_HNTR 17-Dec-18
Nick Muche 17-Dec-18
Hunter's Granddad 17-Dec-18
JTV 17-Dec-18
huntabsarokee 18-Dec-18
midwest 18-Dec-18
rodb 18-Dec-18
Pat Lefemine 18-Dec-18
Nick Muche 18-Dec-18
Rob Nye 19-Dec-18
PECO 19-Dec-18
TrapperKayak 19-Dec-18
BigOk 19-Dec-18
drycreek 19-Dec-18
From: T Mac
Dick’s is having a flash sale until 10p.m. PST

From: Boone
Just looked it up. Have you ever used one? My question is 1 second trigger speed seems pretty slow compared to my brownings which are 1/2 second or less

These cheap cameras are great for scrapes, minerals, and know rubing trees.......deer mess around enough to get good/great pics.

Trigger speed is not the best, but when they loiter for doesn't matter

From: Nick Muche
Thanks! Just bought 4, they’ll work great on a bear bait.

Thanks for the heads up. The price ws right and I bought 2.

From: JTV
Dicks ?? .. they could give them away, and Id still not take em from Dicks ..

Yeah thought as responsible Bowsiters we weren't supposed to buy from there?

Thanks for the heads up. I picked 1 up should have got another 1.

From: midwest
Duck Fick's

From: rodb
As far as I'm concerned you couldn't give me one. I've got 3 and their all junk

From: Pat Lefemine
Yup, junk. Not worth buying batteries for them.

And screw DSG.

From: Nick Muche
They are that bad?

F Dicks aside....I go through trail cameras like candy it seems. Bears are ruining them each year...and these were cheap! Are you saying these won’t work very well?

From: Rob Nye
A hunting client gave me one. Total junk. Smashed it with a hammer so it would never again waste anyone’s time. I think companies put garbage like this on the market wondering how many they will sell before word gets out they are a total waste of money.

From: PECO
When you have a bad trail cam, take some nasty pictures with a digital camera on an old small memory card. Put the card in bad camera and put camera out on public land. When some jack wad steals it, all he/she gets is a bad camera and an old memory card with some nasty pictures. And furthermore, screw dicks.

From: TrapperKayak
You're buying stuff from Dicks?

From: BigOk
Screw Dick's!!

From: drycreek
Y'all all made your point about Dick's, but I like Duck Fick's best !:-)

And I don't buy Primos cameras either......

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