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Anybody want to order a BB Calendar?
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BB 18-Dec-18
From: BB
Here’s the scoop on the calendars for which many of you have been waiting;

This year, I will be putting out three different calendars. All three will have a cover photo and 12 monthly photos for 2019 and an additional month (January) of 2020. There will actually be 14 photos in two of the issues and 15 on the deer and elk, as the cover photo will have separate photos of a big bull bugling and a huge buck deer.

One calendar will feature just deer and elk photos only.

A second calendar will feature 3 elk, 3 deer, 3 moose and 3 bear.

And the third calendar will be more general, featuring a bison, fox, velvet elk, velvet deer, velvet moose, a big red black bear, a fall hard horned bull with his harem, another velvet deer, a hard horned bugling bull, a close up grizzly, a hard horned buck doing the lip curl with a few females in the background, a bison covered with snow, and the January 2020 photo is of a neat wolf with piercing eyes.

Those are the calendars I will have this year. Due to time restraints I will have to put off the bird and other calendars until next year. If I get enough orders then hopefully next year I will be able to expand it to 5 or 6 different calendars.

You can order your calendar by calling Capri at 801-785-5243 and you can pay for that via your credit card, when placing your order.

The cost for 1-4 calendars is $24.00 plus shipping. If shipped out of country higher rates might apply. If you live in Utah then you will need to add 6.75 percent sales tax to the price of the calendar.

If you order 5 or more calendars then the price will be $20.00 per calendar plus shipping.

If you own a business, or want to order 50 or more, there will be another cost break and if you send us a high resolution copy of your logo, we will be happy to print that on your calendars, for no additional charge. But that only applies to those ordering 50 or more at one time.

The 3 deer, 3 elk, 3 moose and 3 bear and the general calendar will be ready to ship by Friday. The deer and elk calendar should be ready to ship not later than the 28th of December.

I want to thank all of you for your interest and for your business. Thanks again. Bill Allard - William Allard Wildlife

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