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Airfare to South Africa
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Gregnjbh 18-Dec-18
Fuzz 18-Dec-18
Ken Moody Safaris 18-Dec-18
MPN 18-Dec-18
Ken Moody Safaris 18-Dec-18
Keith in colorado 18-Dec-18
FrontierMule 18-Dec-18
kota-man 18-Dec-18
tobinsghost 18-Dec-18
gobble50 18-Dec-18
PREZ 19-Dec-18
Too Many Bows Bob 19-Dec-18
Guardian hunter 19-Dec-18
Bushwacker 01-Jan-19
bowbender77 01-Jan-19
osage 01-Jan-19
Gregnjbh 02-Jan-19
PAstringking 02-Jan-19
Gregnjbh 02-Jan-19
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StickFlicker 02-Jan-19
Ken Moody Safaris 02-Jan-19
HighLife 02-Jan-19
Keith in colorado 03-Jan-19
Highlife 03-Jan-19
From: Gregnjbh
I will be taking family to SA in August 2019. Can anyone recommend a travel agent /booking agent that specializes in monitoring and securing lowest fare to SA. I will be monitoring fares as well. Thanks for your help in advance. Happy holidays to all.

From: Fuzz
I'll be monitoring.... heading there in Aug also.

Greg, contact Bea at Tatum. She handles almost all of our clients. I’ll contact you offline as well. I hope you’re getting ready for that buffalo :)

From: MPN
Lori with Travel Express will take care of you.

You as well Donnie.

18-Dec-18 I have used Kina twice, she has found great deals for me, last May I spent $804 each from Denver to Joburg! Yes, she is that good! Tell Her Keith Told ya she was the best!

From: FrontierMule
I have a larger group going over there in July (10 people). Cheapest I have found is with Delta group travel. I will be contacting Kina per Keith recommendation as that price is much lower than what I have with Delta currently.

From: kota-man
I’ve used Bea at Tatum. Great service without a hitch...

From: tobinsghost
Lori with Travel Express is nice but failed us bad this past September going to Zim. She booked us on an airline from Vic Falls to Harrare that didn't allow weapons of any kind...even bows. Luckily, my buddy was coming in a different route and Carrier and he was generous enough to bring my bow bag with him. She was great communicating but I'm not sure we will use her in 2020 when we go back. I feel bad typing this but it is the truth and I consider you guys friends and fellow brothers in arms.


From: gobble50
Used Travel Express five times - first rate. No complaints.

From: PREZ
I found the cheapest flights doing it myself. Monitor Delta everyday and you will find a good rate.

I would suggest that you NOT use South Africa Air. The service was terrible.


Agree with Bob on SA

From: Bushwacker
01-Jan-19 Looking at Sept, from Houston to Windhoek $1180 right now, could go cheaper, but don't want the extra layovers. Best day to buy tickets from US to Africa, 252 days out from departure date

From: bowbender77
Has anyone ever flown with Qatar Airlines to South Africa ?

From: osage
$1180. One way or round trip?

From: Gregnjbh
Low fares at showing approx. 980.00 RT, however you are on british airways thru London. I remember many posts in past warning not to travel thru London/Europe,etc. I prefer tp gp direct from JFK or Atlanta. Anyone have any experience traveling thru London,etc. Thanks

From: PAstringking
Greg, your best flight and option is JFK to Joburg direct through South Africa Air.

You might find cheaper flights going through Europe but beware of the issues that can happen on these flights. The SAA flight is direct, no hassle, food and beverage good, and really easy. Especially since you are from NJ.

From: Gregnjbh

From: mtnview
Very smooth experience going through London on Virgin Atlantic and great pricie point.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
I've not flown through Europe, but I've never heard of issues in London? Amsterdam is usually the country that is not recommended for bowhunters. Also, I wasn't aware that SAA had a direct flight from the U.S. to JNB. Thanks for the information. On a side note, SAA is bankrupt, if that's any concern to you.

I would not recommend flying on a bankrupt airline but that’s just my opinion :) Flying thru London with firearms is a no go if you’re changing airports; Heathrow to Gatwick. You will be required to pay for an armed escort for your firearms from one to the other and that is expensive. Also, the more flight changes you have the greater chance of having luggage lost enroute especially thru Europe where there is a large anti hunting sentiment. Sometimes your luggage is purposely “lost” and this occurs more frequently than it should. Delta direct from Atlanta is the most hassle free service. You board in Atlanta and arrive in Johannesburg. Pretty simple. It’s a pain for all concerned when luggage doesn’t arrive as the safari company must then stay on the phone to get your lost luggage delivered which may take two days or longer, and the client is forced to wear his travel clothes or borrowed duds plus the added discomfort of having to use a borrowed rifle or bow. If you are determined to fly thru Europe I would highly suggest an inconspicuous rolling type duffel for your bow and to put a few extra clothes in with your bow aside from your main clothes check in. It’s also not a bad idea to throw some socks, underwear, etc in a carry on.

From: HighLife
I'd have to echo Ken's advice. Short version Air France lost our luggage and my bow in Paris. Four days later they arrived due mainly to our PH calling them everyday. Trip was saved to having all our camera/Binos /range finder as well as a take on bag that had extra set of clothes / medicine . Also it was a true blessing that they had a pro shop available too me so I had a bow to hunt with.

Another plus of booking thru a travel agency, if any issues arise they will go to work on your behalf! Had that issue on a hotel once, one email to the agent and 5 minutes later it was worked out with the hotel!

From: Highlife
I used a travel agent just shows ya crap happens.

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