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Whitetail Deer
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From: Z Barebow

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I don't own land, but I hope folks who participate in QDMA have a sense of humor. Having bowhunted during gun season, some of the lines hit too close to home!

From: grubby
pretty accurate

From: JTV
years back, a group came over from Illinois to hunt one of our state F&W areas, all I know is they had "European accents" I was told by my buddy, a CO who responded ... anyways, they proceeded to "push" deer instead of hunt from stands or ground blinds ... the areas they went thru, they really pissed off some of the resident gun hunters out there in the stands, there was a fight in one of the lots, the CO's and Sheriff and the property manager were called to the scene ... those guys never returned ...

From: APauls
Oh man, not too much more fun that a good old fashioned push!

From: JL
That was funny.

From: Franklin
Whatever you do don`t show...."Hitler hates crossbows"`ll piss your pants.

Bwahahahahaaaa!!! Thanks for posting this Brian! It's hilarious and very accurate!

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