No till seeder/planter
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Muley 19-Dec-18
jmiller 19-Dec-18
Tradmike 19-Dec-18
From: Muley
Looking to buy a no till seeder/planter this spring. Looking for suggestions from others that have gone down this road before. I have a John Deere 5200 tractor that has around 45 HP. Hoping to be able to pull a 6 or 7 foot drill. I would like to be able to plant all different kinds of seeds from corn, soybeans, oats to the smallest brassica seeds. I've been checking out the woods brand but just wondering if there is another brand I need to take a look at. TIA Muley

From: jmiller
We just ordered a Great Plains for work. Pricey but a great seeder

From: Tradmike
Great plains is a very good choice. No till 6', will plant whatever u want. Expect to spend 15k or more, but will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

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