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Idaho/Wyoming Bear Baiting Challenged
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ghost stalker 20-Dec-18
tkjwonta 20-Dec-18
APauls 20-Dec-18
TD 20-Dec-18

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A conservation group called The Western Watersheds Project and WildEarth Guardians is coming after the right to bait black bears in Idaho and Wyoming and they are using the federal protection of grizzly bears on the endangered species act to do it. I have not hunted black bears out of state or over bait, but I am not opposed to it and if this group is successful I highly doubt we would ever get it reversed in the future.

From: tkjwonta
That would be foolish, just look at all the bear related problems in Colorado since they started limiting bear hunting opportunities. They just lowered the tag price to $100 just in hopes of being able to entice more hunters to help control the population.

From: APauls
Everything these groups do is foolish. Doesn’t stop em from getting things done.

Heck I listen to sports talk radio and on Saturdays there’s a couple hours devoted to video games. This is the world we live in.

From: TD
And some hunters saying the rollback of NM overreach is going to be the downfall of hunting......

Apparently there is no nose left on the face to see clearly and plainly.......

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